How to Improve Your Sex Life the 4-Hour Body Way

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Do you want to know how to improve your sex life? What is the importance of understanding the science behind sex?

In The 4-Hour Body, author Tim Ferriss discusses how to improve your sex life. Starting with science and introducing important anatomy and biology, this knowledge sets up you up for a better sex life.

Keep reading for more information on how to improve your sex life.

Science Overview for How to Improve Your Sex Life

The tips in The 4-Hour Body are for both men and women. If you want to know how to improve your sex life, you start with science.

Women’s Anatomy and Biology

The clitoris is the part of the woman’s body most associated with orgasm. It’s an upside-down V shape, with the head of the clitoris at the top of the V. The arms of the V are behind the labia minora (lip-like folds of skin around the vagina). 

To find the most sensitive part of the clitoris, imagine a clock over the pubic bone, with 12 o’clock pointing toward the top of the clitoris (toward the belly button) and 6 o’clock toward the toes. The sensitive spot is at 1 o’clock. Knowing this spot is important if you want to know how to improve your sex life.

Men, even male scientists, have been skeptical of the clitoris’s existence and function throughout history. In 1559, Realdo Colombo “discovered” the clitoris (Hippocrates had brought it up thousands of years before), but other male scientists wouldn’t acknowledge its existence. This is probably because if the mechanism for female pleasure is framed as unpredictable, it’s not the man’s fault when he doesn’t bring her to orgasm.

How to Improve Your Sex Life: Orgasms

Here are four tips for how to improve your sex life with orgasms during sex:

Tip #1: Women create the orgasm. Men can help, but the woman is in charge, and a good general rule is that the man provides the pressure and the woman takes charge of the movement.

Tip #2: Adjust positions to create better angles. For maximum pleasure, the penis should touch the g-spot, which is on the top side of the vagina, 1-2 inches in. The man can find it by turning his hand palm up and inserting his index finger as deep as his second knuckle. If he bends his finger, he’ll find a spongy spot.

For example, to get the best angle in the missionary position (man on top):

  • The woman should put a pillow under her hips so that her bum is raised six inches off the bed. The woman can adjust her hip tilt further by putting her feet flat on the bed and pressing her hips up or bringing her knees to her chest. 
  • The man then gets his hips as close to the woman’s as he can while keeping his hips as low as he can by sitting on his heels.

Tip #3: Adjust positions to create better pressure. For maximum pleasure, the point of friction should be between the man’s pelvic bone and the woman’s clitoris, not the penis and vagina. The man can try moving his hips side to side, in circles, or rocking back and forth.

  • For example, in the missionary position, to improve pressure, the man should shift his weight so that it rests on the woman’s pelvis and his arms. He can do this by straightening his legs.
  • For example, to get the best angle in the cowgirl position (woman on top), the man should be sitting up 70 degrees. (Use pillows or a chair to achieve this angle). Optional: Touch a vibrator to the clitoris.

Tip #4: Experiment with penetration depth and rhythm. It’s uncomfortable for women when the penis hits the cervix. To avoid this, the man can aim his penis at ten or two o’clock. Experiment with the depth and rhythm, but the author suggests nine half-length penetrations, followed by one long penetration, is a good place to start.

Men’s Anatomy and Biology

Men’s testosterone levels have a huge impact on their libido and sex appeal (testosterone affects pheromone production). However, improving your sex life isn’t as simple as just injecting your body with external testosterone.

There are two major hormones related to testosterone production:

  1. Luteinizing hormone (LH), which tells the testicles to make testosterone. 
  2. Sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which makes testosterone inert. When it’s inert, your body can’t use it.

To increase your bioavailable (usable) testosterone levels, you’ll increase LH and decrease SHBG.

Through self-experimentation, the author developed two protocols to increase testosterone levels, leading to higher libido. While he was experimenting, he increased his total testosterone from 245 to 653 ng/dL and his bioavailable (non-inert) testosterone from 150 to 294 ng/dL. One night when he was on a dinner date, all the women in a restaurant were interested in him, and he had great sex with his date later.

How to Improve Your Sex Life the 4-Hour Body Way

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