Heaven Is for Real Characters: The Burpo Family

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Who are the Heaven Is for Real characters? Who are the members of the Burpo family?

Heaven Is for Real is a re-telling of Colton Burpo’s trip to Heaven by his father. This Heaven Is for Real character list consists of Colton, Todd, Sonja, Cassie, Ali, and Pop.

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The Heaven Is for Real Characters

In July 2003, 4-year-old Colton Burpo made a remarkable claim: that, during a period of serious illness earlier that year, he’d visited heaven and met Jesus. In the months and years that followed, Colton revealed more and more details about his heavenly experience, claiming that he’d seen God’s throne, met late members of the Burpo family, and foreseen the battle of Armageddon.

Penned by Colton’s father, pastor Todd Burpo, Heaven is for Real is an account of Colton’s illness and subsequent revelations. It explores not only Colton’s experiences, but also Todd’s journey to casting aside his doubts and accepting that his son had truly visited heaven. 

Below is the Heaven Is for Real character list.

Colton Burpo

Pastor Todd Burpo’s son. He is almost four-years-old when he falls ill on a family trip. It turns out to be appendicitis and he must undergo two surgeries. Colton claimed to have visited Heaven during his surgery.

Pastor Todd Burpo

Colton’s father and the author of Heaven Is for Real. When Colton described his visit to Heaven, pastor Todd asked him about the details and later turned it into a book.

Sonja Burpo

Colton’s mother and pastor Todd’s wife.

Cassie Burpo

Cassie is Colton’s older sister. She was six at the time of Colton’s surgeries.


Ali is the Burpo family babysitter. He tells her about his visit to Heaven and renews her faith in Christianity.


Pop was pastor Todd’s grandfather who passed away when Todd was young. Colton claims to have met a younger version of Pop in Heaven.

Heaven Is for Real Characters: The Burpo Family

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