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How did the collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas start? How do celebrities impact the fashion industry?

There was a time when Adidas was struggling in the athletic footwear market. To develop a bigger presence in the fashion world, Adidas partnered with musician Kanye West.

Read all about the collaboration between West and Adidas, as summarized on The Daily podcast.

The Kanye West and Adidas Collaboration

When Adidas was trailing in the athletic footwear market, it found an ally in Kanye West, who was eager to expand his influence in fashion. The collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas, investigated by Megan Twohey, brought to light the utilization of insider knowledge and confidential Adidas documents, offering a comprehensive look at its challenges and achievements. 

The collaboration led to the Yeezy Boost 350, a sneaker that not only became a cultural hit but also fostered Adidas’s presence in the athleisure trend. West’s specific vision, emphasizing aesthetics, materials, and accessible pricing, guided the collection’s design, leading to products that sold out quickly and created intense demand. 

Despite its success, the partnership faced early challenges, including Kanye’s display of explicit material during meetings.

Celebrity Impact on Fashion

The high-profile nature of the Yeezy brand was unmistakable during its debut at New York Fashion Week, attracting A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and members of the Kardashian family, which served to elevate the brand’s cultural status and underscored the significance of the event. 

West’s vision translated into a product line that exerted a palpable impact on accessible fashion and aesthetics, furthering its influence beyond just commercial success.


In the world of fashion, collaborations between celebrities and major corporations have become increasingly common. One notable partnership that has captured the attention of both fashion enthusiasts and music fans is the collaboration between German sportswear company Adidas and American rapper Kanye West. This collaboration gave birth to the iconic brand known as Yeezy, which encompasses a range of clothing and footwear. Adidas, a multinational corporation renowned for its athletic and casual products, joined forces with Kanye West, a highly influential figure in both music and fashion. The inception of this partnership can be traced back to discussions that took place in 2006 when West proposed a clothing line called “Pastelle” to Adidas. Although talks fell through at that time, it laid the foundation for future endeavors.

The Adidas-Kanye partnership represents an intersection of fashion, music, and popular culture. It exemplifies how celebrity endorsements can significantly impact brand recognition and success. Kanye West’s established reputation as a musician provided him with a platform to venture into the fashion industry successfully. The Yeezy brand quickly gained traction due to its unique aesthetics, premium materials used in production, and limited edition releases that created an air of exclusivity around each product drop. The popularity of Yeezy was further fueled by collaborations with other high-profile brands such as Nike and Louis Vuitton.

This collaboration also highlights broader themes within the fashion industry such as the influence of musicians on trends and consumer demand for athleisure wear – a trend combining athletic apparel with everyday clothing – which has reshaped traditional notions of style over recent years. Additionally, it raises questions about marketing strategies employed by major corporations seeking to tap into celebrity appeal while leveraging social media platforms for promotion purposes.

The Collaboration Between Kanye West and Adidas: How It Began

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