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What’s the importance of authenticity in relationships? What types of people should you let in your life?

In an episode of his podcast, Aware & Aggravated, Leo Skepi discusses building trust in relationships. He remarks about his particular selection process, which some listeners may disagree with.

If you only want to build relationships with sincere and transparent people, read below. 

The Necessity of Verifying Sincerity in Relationships

Digging further into his skepticism, Leo Skepi reveals his exercise of ensuring sincerity by inspecting people’s phones. 

His rationale behind this activity is to unveil any disparaging remarks about him. More specifically, he verifies the authenticity of people’s actions by perusing their private conversations for any hidden, unfavorable talks about him. 

Skepi deplores excessive reliance on verbal affirmations owing to their often notable discrepancy with action, a prevailing issue in today’s social scene.

Preferring Authentic Evidence over Mere Verbal Claims

To promote authenticity in relationships, Skepi advocates for valid, physical evidence over verbal declarations in disagreements or misunderstandings. His faith is staunch in those who can coherently and authentically articulate their viewpoints, adding weight to their assertions.

He insists on the necessity of tangible, convincing proof such as text messages or exact location details to settle disputes. Moreover, to eliminate any room for misunderstandings, he urges the importance of detailed, lengthy conversations as a requisite for effective communication.

The Importance of Maintaining High Standards for Forming Relationships

As part of his trust-building endeavor, Skepi highlights the need to maintain high standards as a means of self-preservation. This interplay extends to arguably invasive measures like exploring an individual’s phone to understand their private lives. These are steps Skepi considers preventive measures against duplicity. 

Moreover, he hints at his listeners to strike a balance between personal needs and societal obligations. He motivates them to emphasize their individual objectives and self-growth. 

To do this, he uses personal anecdotes, speaking to his own practice of making himself less approachable. This action signals the importance of maintaining certain boundaries in establishing relationships.


In relationships, trust and sincerity are crucial elements that form the foundation of a strong bond. However, in today’s digital age, where communication often takes place through various technological platforms, verifying authenticity can be challenging. This is where the importance of evidence comes into play. The article explores the significance of maintaining high standards in relationships by emphasizing the need to verify trust through evidence.

The article does not require any specific background knowledge as it provides all the necessary information. It delves into trust and sincerity in relationships, highlighting how these factors contribute to building a solid connection between individuals. It also emphasizes the role of evidence in verifying authenticity and maintaining high standards.

While no historical context or recent events are mentioned in the article, it raises important topics related to trust and communication in relationships. It prompts readers to consider how technology impacts these aspects and encourages the exploration of alternative methods for building trust.

How to Determine Authenticity in Relationships (Leo Skepi)

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