You Are a Badass: Exercises to Show You the Way

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Are you looking for You Are a Badass exercises and discussion questions? Do you want to bring out your inner badass?

The good news: Creating a better life requires only one simple shift: Going from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life. These You Are a Badass exercises will help you examine your life and decide if there are things you should improve.

Keep reading for 12 You Are a Badass exercises.

12 You Are a Badass Exercises

You were born to be a badass, but are you getting the most out of your life? In You Are a Badass, author Jen Sincero helps you identify and change the self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior patterns that are stopping you from living up to your potential. Here are some You Are a Badass exercises to help you discover your inner badass.

Exercise 1: The Life You Want Is Here Right Now

These You Are a Badass exercises help you get out of your own head and be present in the moment.

  • Clearing the mind of clutter helps us be more present, and therefore more connected to Source Energy. Do you often get wrapped up in your own head? What worries tend to flow in and take over, stopping you from being present?
  • Look around your life and take note of all the wonderful things happening for you right now. Take a moment to reflect on the joyful things in your life. What are they?
  • Who are the people in your life who would benefit most from you being more present in the moment? Why?

Exercise 2: The Evil Ego

Sometimes your Ego (BS) will get in the way of your big leaps.

  • The Ego manifests outside forces to conspire against our efforts to break away from our comfort zones. The author even says this concept is a little “out there.” Examples included flat tires and getting run over by a bus. Do you believe this is possible? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever had an experience where it seemed the Universe was stopping you from an experience or situation? What happened? Do you think your Ego manifested the roadblocks?

Exercise 3: Other People’s Opinions Are Not Your Problem

Stop living in fear of what other people think.

  • When you break out of your comfort zone you risk the negative opinions of others. Have you had an experience where your big leap or brave action invited ridicule or derision? How did this make you feel? 
  • The author talks about finding a mentor or hero you could emulate when you’re faced with a challenge. Who is this person for you? How would they handle the decision from the previous question? 

Exercise 4: What’s Your Purpose?

Are you tapping into what brings you great joy?

  • Do you think you’ve found your true calling yet? If so, what is it and how did you come to discover it? If not, what types of things strike a chord with you? (It’s OK if they seem completely random.) 
  • The author says “answers reveal themselves through doing, not thinking.” If you haven’t found your true calling, think about a step you can take, taking into consideration the things that strike a chord with you (identified above) . What’s one thing that feels right you could try now?

Exercise 5: Your Inner Beginner

Have you lost the fun in your pursuits?

  • You can learn a lot from how you lived your life in the “old days.” Think about a time in your past where you were firing on all cylinders, living life with gusto and not thinking too hard about the “right way” to do things. When was it, and what were you doing?
  • What were your attitude and priorities during this time? Is there a way to channel them to give yourself the clarity and kick-in-the-behind you need now? How?
  • This chapter talked about finding the types of things that make you lose track of time. What makes you lose track of time? Is there a way you can do more of whatever immerses you? 

Exercise 6: Finding the Good in Any Situation

These You Are a Badass exercises help you to be thankful for what you haven’t received yet.

  • Having faith means being grateful for what you don’t have yet — and then manifesting it. The author’s example was her knack for finding great parking spaces. Have you ever had that kind of experience? Do her words about being thankful before it happens ring true to you?
  • Part of practicing gratitude is finding the good in any situation — even bad ones. Recall a bad experience in your life. Can you find any good in it? What is it?
  • The author advises writing 10 mental or physical thank you notes a day. For now, try writing three short thank you notes here. 

Exercise 7: The Art of Forgiveness

Forgiving is for your benefit, not the other person’s.

  • One of the tips on learning to forgive is to have compassion for the person who wronged you and picture them as a child acting out of fear. Is there someone you are trying to forgive? If you were to try this compassion technique, what would their story be? 
  • Another forgiveness technique is to ask yourself what you have to think or do right now to be happy? In a situation where you are angry and resentful with someone, what do you have to do to be happy right now? Can you do it?
  • You’re supposed to wipe the slate clean after you’ve forgiven someone. Have you ever had a “forgive and never forget” experience — from either side? How did it make you feel? How did it affect your relationship with the other person?  

Exercise 8: Write a New Story for Yourself

It’s time to create a new reality.

  • What is one of your self-sabotaging false realities? To help you find out, fill in the blanks on these phrases: “I always …, I never …, I can’t … I should …, I suck at …, I wish …, I don’t have …, I’m trying to…
  • If you’ve identified a false story, now try to figure out what “reward” you’ve been getting. What do you think it is?
  • It’s time to write a new, amazing story around a real belief about yourself. What is it? 

Exercise 9: Fight the Fear

These You Are a Badass exercises will help you banish troubling thoughts and enjoy the calm.

  • Fear lives in the future: what we’re afraid of hasn’t happened yet. What is something you fear that hasn’t happened yet? How likely is it that it will happen?
  • Do you dwell on your fear at night, in bed? If so, next time it happens, try the relaxation technique where you focus on relaxing your body one muscle at a time. Are you able to banish the troubling thoughts?
  • To fight this fear, practice staying in the moment instead of letting the thoughts in your head freak you out. Breathe deeply and connect to Source Energy. Do you feel calmer and better equipped to deal with the situation?

Exercise 10: Everybody’s a Mirror

Other people’s annoying qualities are your annoying qualities.

  • Think of someone who annoys the living daylights out of you. What specifically bothers you? How does this person make you feel?
  • Use this person as a mirror and did deep. Is their annoying quality a quality you possess? Does something about their behavior remind you of something you do? Does it remind you of something you’re trying to avoid or suppress? If so, what is it?
  • Is there a toxic person in your life? Why have you allowed them to remain a part of your life?  Is it time to give them the heave-ho? How do you feel about cutting the cord? 

Exercise 11: Manifesting Money

Money isn’t just about money. It’s about how you see yourself.

  • It’s important to clearly understand how you feel about money. What are your deeply ingrained beliefs about money? Are these beliefs holding you back from creating wealth and living the kind of life you want to live?  
  • It’s time to rewrite your story around money. Write a letter to money as if it were a person. (“Dear Money, It seems that you’re never around when I need you…”) Get down all your feelings about money — confusion, resentment, longing, ignoring, whatever emotions you have.
  • Now break this letter down line by line and catch yourself in your lies and misconceptions. Flip it around and create an affirmation around the idea of “money comes to me all the time.” What does your affirmation say?

Exercise 12: Change Means Getting and Staying Uncomfortable

It’s time to exercise your success muscle.

  • Think of a time you overcame a challenge. How did it feel? Did you sit back and relax afterwards or did you move on to a new challenge?  
  • Losing bad habits and replacing them with good news habits is one way to fortify yourself to soldier on, continuing to slay challenges and grow. What are your worst habits — the ones you think are holding you back the most?
  • What are some new, positive habits that you could install that would help you succeed — and keep succeeding? 

You Are a Badass: Exercises to Show You the Way

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