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What are the long-term effects of bullying? What does bullying look like among celebrities?

The Netflix series The Glory has brought up interesting conversations about the effects of bullying. On the Rotten Mango podcast, Stephanie Soo talks about how bullying in South Korea has increased significantly over the years, hence why she’s calling attention to it.

Discover how bad bullying has gotten in recent years and the consequences of it.

Examining Bullying Incidents Among Celebrities and Idols

Bullying is a pervasive issue that continues to impact individuals and society at large. Defined as repeated aggressive behavior intended to harm or intimidate someone perceived as weaker, bullying takes various forms, including physical, verbal, and psychological abuse. Within educational settings, this form of violence is known as school violence. The consequences of bullying are far-reaching and long-lasting, often resulting in psychological trauma for victims. Tragically, increased suicide rates among youth have been linked to the effects of bullying.

A recent article sheds light on the personal accounts of bullying and highlights its wider implications. It emphasizes the need for community engagement and dialogue to address and prevent bullying effectively. The article also references a recent controversy involving  Ahn Gil-ho, a producer of The Glory, who faced accusations of past bullying behaviors. This incident sparked discussions about the consequences of bullying among public figures and its potential impact on their careers.

Amid discussions of bullying among public figures, Soo brings up a recent controversy involving Ahn. A new allegation from “Student 10” surfaced just as the show was gaining traction, accusing the producer of past bullying behaviors, which Ahn publicly acknowledged and apologized for—reinforcing the notion that the consequences of bullying can resurface even in later stages of life.

Sharing Survivors’ Stories and the Lingering Effects of Abuse

Soo shares harrowing stories of victims who suffer long-lasting consequences of bullying. She brings attention to the disturbing rise in suicide rates among Korean youth linked to school violence, which has increased by 50% over the past decade. 

Soo points out that about a quarter of Korean youths have contemplated suicide and of these, approximately 25% identify school violence as their primary reason. These statistics starkly illustrate the dire psychological impact of unaddressed bullying. 

Notable accounts include the story of “Student 3,” who endured bullying in middle school and later reencountered her bully in college, and “Student 4,” the victim of a violent birthday assault, both of whom exemplify the extreme brutality and enduring trauma of such experiences.

Mobilizing Support: Stephanie Soo’s Community Call to Action

Towards the end of her episode, Soo extends an invitation to listeners to share their own views on The Glory and the real-life issues of bullying it depicts. 

This call for audience engagement demonstrates a proactive attempt to foster community dialogue, potentially influencing the societal understanding and response to bullying.

The Effects of Bullying: Rotten Mango Shares Survivor Stories

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