How to Get out of a Sales Slump

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What causes a sales slump? How do you beat a sales slump?

A sales slump can happen when you let negative feedback from some customers diminish your conviction in your product. This negative feedback discourages you from actively selling the product. You get out of a sales slump by pinpointing what’s causing your lack of conviction and reinvigorating the enthusiastic spirit with which you were first selling the product.

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Becoming Unsold: The Three-Month Sales Slump

There’s a common phenomenon in sales in which a salesperson sells a product successfully for 90 days and then chokes. If you find your sales slumping, there’s a good chance you’ve become unsold (perhaps you’ve gotten some feedback from consumers that the product isn’t as good as you thought it was, and now you’re sold on the idea that you shouldn’t sell the product). To escape the slump:

  • Review the reasons the product is beneficial.
  • Find out what’s causing your lack of conviction.
  • Recall the same spirit you had when you were first selling the product.
  • Troubleshoot your failures. Perhaps when you failed to close a sale for the first time, you attributed it to the wrong reason and therefore came up with the wrong solution, and are continuing to use this inappropriate solution.
  • Don’t blame unrelated factors. For example, some people feel their competitors (or the Internet) can offer such good prices that no one will buy from them. As long as you are sold, you can outcompete.
  • Consider whether management has made changes that affect the sales process. For example, if management is asking you to do something unethical, you’ll likely feel reluctant to sell.
How to Get out of the 90-Day Sales Slump

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