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Are you tired of the constant bickering in politics? Have you noticed a decline in civil political discourse across the nation?

In her book And the Good News Is…, Dana Perino explores the deterioration of political civility in America. She offers insights on reviving politeness and fostering respectful debates.

Keep reading to discover Perino’s strategies for bridging the political divide and improving public discourse.

The Decline in Civil Political Discourse

Perino expresses deep concern about the decline of civil political discourse across the United States. She observes the growing divide and points out that a deterioration of courteous behavior is a key problem. The confidence once associated with America’s role as a global leader is now overshadowed by persistent disputes and a waning trust in government bodies. Perino stresses the importance of unity within the Republican Party, noting that internal conflicts could tarnish its public image.

Identifying the culprits responsible for the decline in civility could be the subject of an entire book, but Perino emphasizes the importance of reviving politeness in society. She points out that the rise in rudeness stems from political groups across the entire ideological spectrum. However, Perino argues that civility should not preclude passionate debates. In fact, she suggests that confrontation and the exchange of conflicting ideas can lead to greater understanding, highlighting the need for respectful, solution-focused discussions.

Perino wrestles with the underlying causes of civility’s erosion and reflects on the significance of virtues such as kindness and benevolence in contemporary society. The intensification of political discussions can be ascribed partly to the behavior of some people who are prominent in the media. She shares personal anecdotes to convey her concern about a significant decline in politeness and respect within the political sphere, a stark contrast to what she encountered while serving in the White House. She champions the resurgence of clever banter as a substitute for immature insults and underscores the importance of sharing divergent views while maintaining civility.

Perino’s Call to Bridge Our Political Divide

Perino emphasizes the importance of forgiving others, showing compassion, and striving for mutual understanding. She exemplifies courtesy in every interaction, deliberately avoiding political discussions in casual and recreational settings (such as dog parks) to maintain amicable relations. Perino underscores the importance of selecting words with precision and avoiding unnecessary conflicts while contemplating the concept of forgiveness each night.

Perino actively promotes respectful conversation, encouraging people to positively influence their local environment. She illustrates the art of engaging in constructive dissent, opting for responses that foster progress rather than contentious comebacks. Perino shares her experiences from her tenure in the White House, highlighting how it’s possible to maintain civil political discourse and mutual respect despite deep political divisions. Perino encourages people to develop improved habits that can, as a result, enhance the caliber of public conversation and help close the gaps in political polarization.

What Happened to Political Discourse? Dana Perino’s Take

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