8 Essential Grant Cardone Follow Up Tips

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What are Grant Cardone’s follow-up tips from Sell or Be Sold? Why should you follow up with customers? 

The essential Grant Cardone follow-up tips include using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to keep in touch with customers, trying multiple communication methods including mail and personal visits, and never giving up after the first call. Following up with customers is important because it shows you care about the customer, and it encourages the customer to keep buying from you.

Read on to discover Grant Cardone’s follow-up tips.

Grant Cardone’s Follow-Up Tips

Regardless of whether a customer makes a purchase or not, keep in touch with her. Here are Grant Cardone’s follow-up tips from Sell or Be Sold:

  • Use customer relationship management (CRM) tools to keep track of people’s contact information. Being organized will help you remember who to talk to when.
  • Remember your conviction. Your product is so good that absolutely everyone needs it.
  • Don’t give up and stay interested. Cardone has some clients he followed up with for 10 years before they bought something.

If someone doesn’t return your calls, don’t assume it’s because they don’t want your product—perhaps they didn’t call you back because they were busy or didn’t get your message. Instead of taking an unreturned call personally or speculating about whys, apply the following Grant Cardone follow-up tips:

  • Call the customer again and leave another message.
  • Try different communication methods including email, mail, and personal visits.
  • Ask your other clients if they can help you get in touch. You may already know someone who knows the person you’re trying to connect with.
  • Never mention that someone failed to call you back.
  • Always return other people’s calls, even if it’s just to say you’re not interested, because this keeps communication open and may have a karmic effect.
Grant Cardone’s Follow-Up Tips From Sell or Be Sold

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