6 Fun Home Discussion Questions to Make You Think

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Are you looking for Fun Home discussion questions?

These Fun Home discussion questions tackle big themes and ideas in Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel. You can use these questions to start a discussion, and form your own questions about the book.

Keep reading for a list of thought-provoking Fun Home discussion questions.

Fun Home Discussion Questions

These Fun Home book club questions can help you explore themes in the book. You can also consider the relationships between characters, and how you’d handle certain situations. You can also use these questions to write more Fun Home book club questions.

Throughout the course of her life, Alison and her father’s relationship changed. Though it began as a cold and distanced relationship, it eventually evolved into one of connection and empathy.

  1. List the ways that Alison’s relationship with her father changed from childhood to adulthood. Think about their connection through literature and their sexuality.
  2. Now, think about a relationship that you have with a family member or close friend that has changed drastically over time. How would you describe the relationship at the beginning?
  3. How would you describe the relationship now?
  4. Why do you think the relationship changed in the way that it did? Think about the experiences you’ve shared with this person that influenced your connection with them.
  5. Alison’s father lived a double life: one in which he pretended to be the perfect family man, and another in which he embraced his sexuality. Reflect a personal trait or attribute that you feel comfortable sharing with the people around you. Describe it and explain why you’re willing to share it.
  6. Now, reflect on a personal trait or attribute that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with the people around you. Describe it and explain why you keep it to yourself.

Now that you have a great list of questions, you can examine the book more closely.

6 Fun Home Discussion Questions to Make You Think

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