Don't Wait to be Happy — Use Love to Get Happiness

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What does the phrase “don’t wait to be happy mean?” How can love help you turn your life around?

The phrase “don’t wait to be happy” means you should always feel joy in life regardless of your circumstances. When you love life and think positively about the things you want, love will attract everything you wish for to you.

Read to understand why people that attract success don’t wait to be happy.

Don’t Wait to Be Happy 

If you believe you will be happy only after you turn your life around, you’ll be waiting a long time. The mirror image of your feelings is non-negotiable. If you think, “I will be happy when I have more money,” you’re acknowledging your lack of money. Your thoughts about lack lead to negative feelings about money, so you will not receive positive money experiences. 

Waiting to be happy is like waiting for a bus no longer in service. Your feelings of dissatisfaction have put you on a path of dissatisfaction, and that’s all you’ll ever feel. Don’t wait to be happy, you must be happy first, and feel that happiness. Focus on what you want from a place of positivity. Only then, can you receive that positivity back. 

Use Love to Turn Your Life Around

The good news is that bad feelings bottom out. Unlike good feelings, which can soar as high as you can take them, bad feelings can only go so far. The phrase “hit rock bottom” describes the moment when people recognize they need to either change or perish. When you hit that bottom, love is showing you how far you are from your life force. You’re being prompted to feel better, and life will start to improve as a result. 

As the ruling force of life, love is always calling to you. Love wants you to reach great heights so it can fill you up. Use the knowledge of The Power to understand when you’re not taking advantage of your life force so you can turn your life around. 

One way to turn your life around is to focus on why you want what you don’t have. It’s easy to focus on not having the kind of life you want and feeling bad about it. But if you change that focus to how those things will improve your life, you will put out that positive energy and draw those things to you

  • If you’re dealing with a breakup, you feel bad because you’ve lost a special bond, love, or companionship. If all you focus on is the loss of those things, all you’ll attract back are more experiences to help you feel the loss of those things. 
  • If you don’t wait to be happy, and you focus on how good it feels to have someone to talk to or share your life with, those are the feelings you will give out. You will attract back events, people, or circumstances that allow you to feel that good feeling.

It’s not easy to stay positive all the time, but if you realize that wanting what you don’t have comes from a place of loving that thing, you can start attracting that thing to you. 

Every good thing you want is waiting for you. If you don’t wait to be happy, you can summon it forward by feeling the love you have for it. You only want what you love, so love it to the fullest, and it will be yours. 

Don’t Wait to Be Happy — Harness the Power of Love

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