Alexandra Canosa & Weinstein: The Unsolicited Affair

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How did Alexandra Canosa meet Weinstein? What happened between them?

Alexandra Canosa met Weinstein met at an event she organized for his distribution company. Lured by the promises to help her make it in Hollywood as a producer, Canosa agreed to work for Weinstein as an event planner and everything changed.

Read about what happened between Alexandra Canosa and Weinstein.

Alexandra Canosa on Weinstein

Alexandra Canosa met Weinstein during an event she had planned for his distribution company. He handed her his business card and insisted they meet. Although she found him “creepy,” she eventually relented and agreed to meet at a hotel, ostensibly to discuss planning another event. As with other Weinstein assaults, the location of the meeting was suddenly changed to his hotel suite. He tried to initiate sex with her there, but she refused and left. Still unwilling to reject him outright (out of fear for her career) she met him for dinner shortly after. Outside the restaurant, Weinstein grabbed her by the arm, pressed her against the railing, and kissed her against her will.

He apologized and told her that he wanted to help her in her fledgling career as a producer. Still dazzled by the idea of making it in Hollywood, she agreed to come work for Weinstein. It would be a fateful decision. One night when she was in his hotel room (to which she had been frequently summoned) he advanced on her. When she initially rebuffed him, he became aggressive and menacing, telling her, “Don’t be a fucking idiot.” He then pushed her onto the bed and raped her. 

The abuse became regular, with Weinstein reacting furiously if she ever denied his sexual demands. His assistants were fully knowledgeable and complicit in his abuse of her, frequently bombarding her with texts declaring, “Harvey wants to see you.” 

Although intimidated and fearful of retaliation, Canosa was determined to see justice done and to stand, as she said, “on the right side of history,” someone who didn’t stay silent and helped to stop a serial predator. She agreed to go on camera for the interview with investigative reporter Ronan Farrow. Another domino had fallen for Harvey Weinstein.

Alexandra Canosa & Weinstein: The Unsolicited Affair

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