10X Success: Why People Fail to Achieve Big Goals

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What is the notion of success in The 10X Rule? Why is 10X success so hard to achieve?

10X success is the concept of extraordinary results, or ten times bigger than you’d previously imagined. According to Grant Cardone, success of this magnitude escapes people because they’re taking the wrong approach.

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10X Success: The Holy Grail

Nearly everyone is pursuing the “holy grail” of success. But while we all want to succeed, most people fall short. In The 10X Rule, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Grant Cardone argues that people don’t succeed because:

1) They misunderstand what it takes to be successful. People often mistakenly think success is a matter of having money, connections, talent, the right education, the right personality, getting lucky breaks, being in the right business or industry, or being in the right place at the right time. But these don’t guarantee success.

Only the 10X Rule—setting extreme goals and taking extreme action to meet them—guarantees success and, unlike the above criteria, it’s available to everyone.

2) People don’t approach success the right way. First, they don’t set high enough goals due to “average” thinking. They don’t want to be unrealistic or risk failure, so they set seemingly attainable goals, yet still fall short.

According to Grant Cardone, success at a 10X level escaped him with this trap. He has achieved success by many measures: as a best-selling author, a popular motivational speaker, investor, and entrepreneur (his companies have annual revenue of over $100 million). However, he writes that his biggest regret is that he wasted time by not setting extraordinary goals personally and professionally, right from the beginning of his working life.

Second, people fail to reach their goals because they underestimate what it will take to reach them and don’t apply enough effort. Again, this is average thinking—they assume that by putting in a “reasonable” amount of effort they’ll succeed.

10X Success: Why People Fail to Achieve Big Goals

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