Why You Should Always Wear Your Glasses On A Date

Are you planning to go on a date with someone you really like? Are you struggling to figure out what to wear or what to do about your glasses?

Dressing for a date can be challenging and even more complicated if you wear glasses. However, we are here to shift your mindset since glasses can offer a perfect accessory for your date.

If you are afraid that your glasses give you a dorky look or your date may lose interest, it is time to live in the present and learn how to look attractive in your glasses. Read on to understand why you should consider wearing your glasses on a date.

Glasses Are Stylish and Great Accessory

Many of us wear glasses due to different eye problems, especially now, when we live in the digital era. Some wear glasses to enhance their physical appearance or deal with different elements. These can influence the eyeglasses styles, providing options to show off your style on your date.

You can wear glasses that make you look younger, mysterious, or laid back. For instance, a plastic frame contributes to a youthful and fun look, while dark-tinted glasses make you mysterious.

While glasses enhance your vision, the above qualities qualify them as an accessory you can wear, whether or not you have an eye problem and be confident on your date. Hiding your flaws will hurt in the long run, and it is high time that you wear glasses that bring out your style. You can attain the latter by selecting designer options suitable for your face shape, skin tone, and style.

Glasses Make You More Approachable

The secret to wearing glasses is remaining confident by holding your head and smiling. You will look more approachable with the right pair of glasses, putting your date at ease. 

Studies reveal that glasses wearers are trustworthy, and wearing glasses makes your appearance more human, conveying to the other party that you are imperfect, which may make them comfortable enough to open up to you. A pair of glasses will give you the right impression on your first date and can be a good tool to flirt with.

Wearing Glasses Makes You Look Smarter

Since the days of myths and fairy tales, glasses have had ties with insight and knowledge. Glasses continue with this status, representing intelligence, enlightenment, and insight. It is no wonder people view most characters with glasses as intellectuals.

Research by the College of Optometrists showed that more than a third of the participants perceived individuals wearing glasses as more professional. Other studies confirm that wearing glasses to an interview increases your chances of getting hired. In addition, psychologists believe to some extent, that glass wearers could be more intelligent and unlikely to be rash in their actions lest they break their glasses.

Glasses play a similar role with clothes, and wearing them on your date will make you appear more educated and intelligent. As a man, wearing glasses will make you look calm and collected, a trait women love. Studies also reveal people who wear glasses as honest and trustworthy, traits that you would want your date to know about.

Therefore, regardless of gender, consider a pair of frames exuding fashion and sophistication to bring out your best traits.

Glasses Show off Your Personal Style

Clothes can betray your style, especially if you are going on a date after work. To cover up, you can use your glasses to show off your style. Eyeglasses can help you create the image you want your date to see. This is possible if you find the right frames that match your personality and lifestyle.

In displaying your personality through eyewear, you should consider aspects of your life, including work and leisure activities. If you are retro-chic, consider cat eyeglasses. On the other hand, metal frames will display a more practical style, and if you are a hippie chic, a colorful, oversized frame will set the right tone. Matching your style with your eyewear will give an impression to the other party, and what’s better than doing so on your date?

You can also show your personal style by matching your frames with your face shape and skin tone. If you have a heart-shaped face, consider round or cat eyeglasses. Round and oval frames will work well with round faces. Also, consider the frame and lens colors, as certain colors will suit specific skin tones.

You should also match your eyewear with your outfit to show your style. As a thumb rule, consider most of your wardrobe when selecting your eyewear. Lastly, stick to premium-quality frames to bring out your style. A premium quality frame is resistant to scratches, ensuring longevity.

Also, your choice of brand and design will go a long way in defining your character. Therefore, if you are a pilot or love flying, you can consider rocking Aviators for a sunny afternoon date.

Glasses Highlight Your Confidence

Traditionally, glasses were perceived as an accessory for nerds who cared less about their looks. On the other hand, cool people considered contacts and wore glasses only in private spaces. The stigma around glasses was so pronounced that the cool people would hide from the public until they restored their contacts.

Today, wearing glasses exudes confidence. It informs your partner that you do not fear showing who you are. The secret to confidence with eyewear is emphasizing your strengths. This way, you can use your eyewear to enhance your appearance. The glasses will frame your eyes, revealing a great piece of art. You should also select frames that suit your eye color. For instance, if you have blue eyes, consider a copper or red-colored frame.

In boosting your confidence, you should factor in your glasses in makeup application. Your eyes may appear in shadow or darker behind glasses. Therefore, use a concealer to deal with this effect. Your eyeshadow will also appear darker behind the glasses, and you should avoid intense smoky eyes. Instead, go for lighter eyeshadow tones and highlight your lashes with mascara.

In addition to the looks contributing to your confidence, wearing glasses on your date can be a good distraction, especially when you have nothing to say. Instead of staring when you run short of words during your date, you can take off your glasses. This action will give your date a chance to see your beauty underneath and serve as a distraction for you. You can wipe the glasses as you gather your thoughts. Afterward, you can put your eyewear back on and continue with the conversation.


Despite being around for decades, glasses have recently become fashionable, with many people using them without a prescription. Wearing glasses can make you look attractive, smart, and approachable. You can also use it to boost your confidence, making you appeal to your date.

For maximum benefits from glasses on your date, consider your fashion, skin tone, and face shape when selecting glasses. Your makeup will also impact how glasses look on you, and you should avoid darker shades on the eyes. A perfect combination will enhance your beauty and bring out your attractiveness subtly. Therefore, don’t shelve your glasses when going on a date but use them to help increase your physical appearance and self-confidence.

Isabelle Marinier is an associate editor and passionate content writer.  She is a lifelong learner who is always eager to try new things. Isabelle combines her skills and experience to transform lifestyle, fashion, and travel ideals into practical reality and relevant information.

Why You Should Always Wear Your Glasses On A Date

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