Tim Ferriss Book Club Discussion Guide

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Do you need a Tim Ferriss book club discussion guide? How can it help you work through The 4-Hour Body?

This Tim Ferriss book club guide is about applying the principles of The 4-Hour Body to your life. These exercises will help you think about how to make progress on your health and wellness goals.

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Tim Ferriss Book Club Guide Overview

Author Tim Ferriss has spent years studying how to improve the human body—he interviewed and trained with experts, studied scientific literature, and tried out what he learned on himself. In The 4-Hour Body, he distills the most effective 2.5% of what he discovered into programs you can use to improve six aspects of your body: losing fat and gaining muscle, enhancing sex, improving sleep, managing injuries, improving sports performance, and living longer.

Start Living the 4HB Lifestyle

The 4HB is a lifestyle that involves experimenting with your body to find out what works for you.

  1. How do you feel about your body and its performance right now? (For example, your weight, sleep quality, and so on.)
  2. What’s one body-related goal (losing weight, running a marathon, and so on) you’d like to achieve?
  3. How  do you think meeting this goal will benefit your life?

Personalize the Slow-Carb Diet

The Slow-Carb Diet allows for some personalization.

  1. Which part of the Slow-Carb Diet seems easiest to you? Why?
  2. Which part of the diet seems hardest to you? Why?
  3. How can you personalize the diet to maximize the easy things and mitigate the hard ones? (For example, if you love lentils but hate beans, you could replace beans with lentils in all your legume portions.)

Assess Your Sleep With These Tim Ferriss Book Club Questions

There are several ways to learn more about your sleeping habits so you can improve them.

  1. Do you think you have good- or bad-quality sleep? Why?
  2. To confirm your hypotheses above, you’ll need to measure your sleeping patterns. Which sleep-measuring gadget (Fitbit, Zeno, and so on) most appeals to you? Why?
  3. Of the sleep-inducing environmental factors (changing the ambient temperature, humidity, and so on), which one would you experiment with first? Why?
  4. Of the sleep-inducing physical techniques (exercising before sleep, sleeping the military crawl, and so on), which one would you experiment with first? Why?
Tim Ferriss Book Club Discussion Guide

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