Catch and Kill Book Club Questions to Think About

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Looking for Catch and Kill book club questions? What are some of the key themes and ideas to discuss?

From authority abuse to violence and espionage, Ronan Farrow’s Catch and Kill has a wealth of ideas to discuss. These Catch and Kill book club questions will help you explore its main takeaways and reflect on the themes of injustice and power abuse.

Here are some Catch and Kill book club questions that tackle the book’s key themes and takeaways.

Catch and Kill Book Club Questions

Explore the main takeaways from Catch and Kill.

  • Why do you think a powerful and wealthy sexual predator like Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with his crimes for so long?
  • Briefly summarize how powerful institutions like the media and the law enforcement community colluded with figures like Weinstein to help them get away with sexual misconduct.
  • What role do you think an independent press has to play in exposing stories of abuse by the wealthy and powerful?

Reflection Questions: Authority Abuse & Injustice

The themes of power abuse and injustice run throughout Catch and Kill. Here are some questions to help you explore these themes by reflecting on your own experiences.

  • Think about how authority can turn to abuse.
  • Have you ever been in a professional setting where someone abused their authority over subordinates in some way? Describe the situation.
  • Why do you think this boss felt that they could get away with this?
  • In thinking about this situation, what do you think you would do in the future if you saw a boss abusing their authority this way?
  • Think about why it’s so hard for victims to receive justice.
  • Have you ever not been believed about some wrongdoing that you either experienced or witnessed? Describe what happened?
  • Why do you think people were unwilling to believe your story?
  • What do you think we as a society can do to make it easier for people who have experienced abuse or discrimination to come forward?
Catch and Kill Book Club Questions to Think About

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  • How Ronan Farrow uncovered rampant sexual abuse and assault by Harvey Weinstein
  • How NBC tried to intimidate Farrow into killing the Weinstein story
  • How the media and legal systems let Weinstein's abuse continue for decades

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