Beyond Order: Quotes From Jordan Peterson to Inspire You

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What’s a good attitude to have toward new ideas and methods? How might you find practical inspiration from the myths of old? What should you do in your marriage before you plan for romance?

In the sequel Beyond Order, Jordan B. Peterson provides 12 more rules for life. He shares his perspectives on how and why to listen to your conscience, how to find the courage to take responsibility for yourself and your loved ones, and how to show up for life as fully as you can.

Continue reading for several Beyond Order quotes that provide insight into the book’s ideas.

Beyond Order Quotes

In Beyond Order, Jordan Peterson lays out his philosophy and rules for living a life of excellence in a world of hardship and chaos. He offers 12 rules, centered on ideas of chaos, change, and order. Beyond Order builds on the ideas laid out in 12 Rules for Life, Peterson’s 2018 self-help bestseller.

We’ve collected several Beyond Order quotes and presented them along with context and explanation to help you understand Peterson’s ideas more fully.

“A certain amount of creativity and rebellion must be tolerated—or welcomed, depending on your point of view—to maintain the process of regeneration. Every rule was once a creative act, breaking other rules.”

Beyond Order Rule #1 is “Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions or creative achievement.” Peterson says that all traditions are prone to becoming dogma—rigidly following old ideas even when they’ve become outdated. In time, Peterson says, dogma falls away when creative thinkers challenge the flaws in an existing status quo and improve upon them. In this way, creative change counteracts the eventual decline of traditional ideas and ways of living.

“Aim at something. Pick the best target you can currently conceptualize. Stumble toward it.”

Beyond Order Rule 2 is “Imagine who you could be, and then aim single-mindedly at that.” Peterson asserts that, because our world is full of suffering, we’re each obligated to become the best people that we can be. Peterson suggests looking to the great stories of the past and imitating the heroes of our myths.

To find the proper heroic motivation, Peterson suggests the following tactics:

  • Pursue a noble and challenging goal.
  • Embrace the inevitability of failure.
  • Be willing to fundamentally transform yourself.

“There will be times in your life when it will take everything you have to face what is in front of you, instead of hiding away from a truth so terrible that the only thing worse is the falsehood you long to replace it with.”

Beyond Order Rule 3 is “Do not hide unwanted things in the fog.” Peterson explains that you shouldn’t ignore chronic stressors, lest they become larger issues. Daily life is full of tiny, repeating pricks of stress—kids to care for, work colleagues to deal with, imperfect relationships to manage, and chores to juggle. If you let these pricks build up, they’ll amount to tons of stress over time.

“If you want to become invaluable in a workplace—in any community—just do the useful things no one else is doing. Arrive earlier and leave later than your compatriots (but do not deny yourself your life).1 Organize what you can see is dangerously disorganized. Work, when you are working, instead of looking like you are working.”

Beyond Order Rule 7 is “Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing and see what happens.” Consistency, Peterson argues, is a necessary precondition of success. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t commit to something and stick to that path. To become consistent, pick a direction and stay the course single-mindedly. As you go, you’ll need to confront the trials and challenges of that path. According to Peterson, these challenges will test your commitment and show you what you’re made of. When you give yourself no options but to follow through, that pressure will make you strong enough to handle anything.

 “Life is what repeats, and it is worth getting what repeats right.”

Beyond Order Rule 10 is “Plan and work diligently to maintain the romance in your relationship.” Since what you do routinely constitutes most of your life, it’s important to get your routines right. Once you’ve sorted out the details, regularly check in with your spouse about how they’re doing and whether they need changes. Consistent communication ensures that you avoid tyrannizing each other.  With your practical matters squared away, Peterson recommends that you plan your romantic life.

Beyond Order: Quotes From Jordan Peterson to Inspire You

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