Best Psychology Blogs and Podcasts to Follow in 2022

Are you fascinated by human behavior? In awe of the capabilities of the brain and mysteries of the mind? Why do people do what they do? What shapes human identity? Who are we beneath the veil of personality—at our very core?

These are some of the questions that psychologists seek to answer. If these are the kind of questions that boggle your mind too, you’ll no doubt enjoy learning about psychology. Luckily, psychology is no longer a field only accessible to a select few—there are plenty of resources at your fingertips. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a round-up of the best psychology blogs and podcasts for 2022.

Best Psychology Resources

There are many reasons to learn psychology, even if you aren’t planning to become a professional psychologist. After all, psychology cuts through all aspects of your life. Psychology can help you understand yourself better, learn faster, and perform more effectively. It can also help you understand what makes people tick in general, which is essential for succeeding in life, both personally and professionally. 

Here’s our round-up of the best psychology blogs and podcasts to help you navigate this fascinating subject.

Best Psychology Blogs

There are hundreds of psychology blogs on the web. No matter what area of psychology you are interested in—whether it’s clinical, social, cognitive, or even parapsychology—there’s no shortage of blogs that talk about it. Below is our round-up of the best psychology blogs, in no particular order, to follow in 2022.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is one of the largest and most trusted resources on all things related to mental health and behavioral science. Launched in 1967 as a print magazine, it has established itself as an authority in the field. The Psychology Today blog publishes content written by researchers and practitioners in a way that is accessible to average readers. 

PsychNews Daily

Psych News Daily publishes the latest news in the field of psychology and related sciences. Written in a neutral and accessible way, the content spans many topics, from personality and neuroscience to drug addiction and animal psychology. 

Research Digest Blog

Research Digest is published by The British Psychological Society. It publishes articles about recent findings, debates, and developments in the field of psychology, delivered in a way that’s accessible to non-specialist audiences. 

Scientific American – Mind and Brain

Launched in 1845 as a print magazine in the United States, Scientific American established itself as a trusted resource for new developments in science, humanities, and tech. Of interest to psychology lovers is The Mind and Brain section which publishes research findings, essays, and opinion pieces in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. 

Examined Existence

Examined Existence features articles about psychology and personal development, translating psychological research into practical applications you can use to improve your life. They cover a wide assortment of topics from neuroscience behind psychological phenomena such as memory and perception to personality and clinical psychology.

Mindful Mental Health Blog

Mindful is a public benefit corporation dedicated to providing its readers with knowledge, tools, and inspiration for living more mindfully. Mindful Mental Health blog publishes educational articles and personal stories on topics such as overcoming anxiety, developing self-compassion, healing from trauma, coping with grief, and more.  


Truity is a blog dedicated to personality psychology, particularly Myers-Briggs and Enneagram typology. They publish articles about personality types, functions, and dimensions, translating theory into practical advice readers can implement. 

Psychiatric Times

Psychiatric Times blog is published under its medical journal. They publish articles about mental health and recent developments in psychiatric practice. Although it’s aimed at psychiatry professionals, there is a lot of useful and interesting information for non-specialist audiences too.

Leiden Psychology Blog

The Leiden Psychology Blog is run under the Institute of Psychology and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Leiden University in the Netherlands. It features articles about the latest research carried out by the university’s staff as well current, pertinent issues in the field in general. They cover a wide range of topics from child and developmental psychology to clinical practice and cognitive neuroscience.

The Positive Psychology People

The Positive Psychology People blog was initially established by a graduate of the MSc Applied Positive Psychology course at Bucks New University to provide applicants with information about the university and its courses. Over time, the site grew into an information portal about positive psychology with the mission of educating and inspiring its readers to look at life in a more positive light.

The American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) is the official body representing researchers, educators, and practitioners of Psychology in the United States. Their blog covers a breadth of topics in various branches of psychology from drug addiction and mental health to queer and occupational psychology. As the official representative body of psychologists, it publishes content that is unbiased and up-to-date.

Psych Central

Launched in 1995, Psych Central has established itself as one of the leading reference points on recent research findings in the field, with emphasis on mental health. All content is medically reviewed by qualified psychologists and written in a way that is accessible to lay readers. 

Introvert, Dear

Jenn Granneman, the founder of Introvert, Dear, had no idea her little, personal blog would one day become the world’s largest introvert community when she started it in 2013. Here, you’ll find articles about MBTI introvert profiles, common introvert struggles, personal stories, and more. 

Best Psychology Podcasts

The beauty of podcasts is that you can entertain yourself on the go or while you are doing activities that don’t require much brainpower. And you can get things done while learning something useful. Here is our round-up of the best psychology podcasts you should follow in 2022.

PsychCrunch Podcast

PsychCrunch is the podcast from Research Digest by The British Psychological Society. It explains intriguing social and psychological phenomena (e.g., Why do we daydream? Why do people share false information?) and explores how psychological research findings can be applied to our day-to-day lives (e.g., How to Stop Procrastinating and How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep).

All in the Mind

Produced by the BBC’s Science Unit, All in the Mind is a radio podcast series about Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience. They explore the science behind mental phenomena (e.g. perception, memory), provide advice for dealing with mental health problems, and discuss lived experiences of sufferers from neurological conditions.

Psych Files

In Psych Files, Michael A. Britt, a Professor of Psychology, explores observations of human behavior and ties them to psychological theories. He also invites authors and psychology researchers and interviews them about their findings. Typical listeners are psychology students and instructors, but it’s accessible to non-specialist audiences too. 

Brain Science Podcast

In the Brain Science podcast, Dr. Ginger Campbell, who is an Emergency and Palliative Medicine physician, explores the latest developments in the neuroscience of the mind and consciousness in an engaging and accessible way. He invites and interviews authors and Neuroscience researchers on their findings and their implications for what it means to be human. 

The Psychology Podcast

In The Psychology Podcast, host Scott Barry Kaufman talks to esteemed scientists, practitioners, authors, and speakers on everything to do with the human mind and behavior. They also explore the various ways psychology can be applied to societal problems as well as everyday challenges all of us are facing.

Smart Drugs Smarts

Smart Drugs Smarts started as an exploration of nootropics (substances that enhance the brain’s performance). As time went by, the subject matter expanded to include the latest developments in brain health and the related areas of neuroscience. In each episode, host Jesse Lawler interviews experts in the relevant field about their research and its implications for medical treatment and cognitive enhancement. 

The Science of Psychotherapy

In The Science of Psychotherapy podcast, hosts Richard Hill and Matthew Dahlitz discuss the latest developments in clinical psychology and neuroscience. In each episode, they invite field experts and interview them about their work and its implications for therapy and clinical practice.


In Invisibilia, which is the Latin word for “invisible things,” Hanna Rosin, Alix Spiegel, and Lulu Miller explore what happens behind the scenes of human behavior and interactions. What’s unique about this podcast is that they discuss the science behind psychological phenomena such as fear, identity, and self-esteem in the context of real human stories.

Where Should We Begin?

Where Should We Begin with psychotherapist Esther Perel is a “podcast for anyone who has ever loved.” In each episode, Esther Perel talks to real couples about the trials and tribulations of their relationship. From infidelity to sexlessness, they share the most private and intimate details of their lives, with Esther Perel guiding the discussion.

Final Words

Everything you do is, in one way or another, connected to psychology. After all, psychology studies human behavior—why we do what we do, who we are at our core, and what lies beneath the surface of human interactions.

Learning psychology can help you understand yourself better and give you an edge in your personal, social, and professional life. And all this knowledge is just a click away—the internet is filled with psychology resources, including blogs, podcasts, online courses, quizzes, you name it! The problem is that there are so many of them it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we put together this list of the best psychology blogs and podcasts to help you navigate this fascinating field.

Best Psychology Blogs and Podcasts to Follow in 2022

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