The Nicomachean Ethics

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‘One swallow does not make a summer; neither does one day. Similarly neither can one day, or a brief space of time, make a man blessed and happy’

In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle sets out to examine the nature of happiness. He argues that happiness consists in ‘activity of the soul in accordance with virtue’, for example with moral virtues, such as courage, generosity and justice, and intellectual virtues, such as knowledge, wisdom and insight. The Ethics also discusses the nature of practical reasoning, the value and the objects of pleasure, the different...

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Ryan Holiday AuthorAristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics was something I reread and cannot recommend highly enough. (Source)

A C Grayling He said the great question is how we should live well, so that we live a good life, and he came up with a very positive response – what distinguishes us from the rest of the world is our possession of reason (Source)

Christian B Miller According to Aristotle, it is hard to become virtuous, and hard to become vicious too. The character of most people is somewhere in the middle. (Source)

Edward Skidelsky It is a sophisticated and subtle analysis of the various virtues: courage, temperance, and wisdom among many others. (Source)

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