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Will Adidas still be popular after dropping Kanye West? What will Adidas do with Yeezy inventory?

In 2022, Adidas ended its clothing and footwear partnership with Kanye West. Now, The Daily podcast questions whether Adidas will sell Yeezy inventory for financial reasons.

Continue reading to learn about Adidas’s dilemma with Yeezy inventory. 

Adidas’s Dual Perspectives on Accountability

Journalists Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey discussed the Adidas-Kanye partnership from two perspectives. 

One suggests Adidas prioritized financial interests over holding Kanye accountable, possibly shying away from confrontation to protect its monetary interests. 

The other perspective hinted at Adidas’s success in leveraging a high-profile celebrity’s draw, capitalizing on Kanye’s fame, and continuing to benefit financially, even amidst controversy.

The Path Ahead for Adidas Post-Investigation

Now that the Adidas-Kanye West partnership is finished, what will Adidas do with Yeezy inventory? Following Megan Twohey’s investigative piece, Adidas—under the new leadership of Bjørn Gulden—faced the dilemma of whether to sell the remaining Yeezy inventory or not, an action that could represent a substantial financial hit to the company. 

Despite the terminated business arrangement, the decision over the Yeezy stock sale highlighted the ongoing financial interrelation between Adidas and Kanye West. As of February 2024, Adidas plans to sell the remaining Yeezy inventory from 2022.


Adidas, the multinational sportswear giant, has found itself at the center of a controversy surrounding its partnership with rapper and fashion designer Kanye West. To understand the implications of this podcast episode, it is important to have some background knowledge. Adidas is renowned for its athletic and casual footwear, apparel, and accessories and is one of the largest sportswear manufacturers globally. Meanwhile, Kanye West has been a prominent figure in the music industry and has collaborated with various brands, including Adidas.

The podcast episode delves into themes of accountability and financial interests. It explores differing perspectives on whether Adidas prioritized financial gains over holding Kanye West accountable for his controversial statements or actions. The discussion revolves around how Adidas’s decisions regarding their partnership with West could impact their bottom line. Celebrity endorsements are also highlighted as the episode examines both the benefits and challenges associated with partnering with high-profile figures like Kanye West to promote and sell products.

Recent events play a role in shaping this narrative as well. The episode references an investigative piece by journalist Megan Twohey that likely exposed details about the Adidas-Kanye partnership while raising questions about accountability. Additionally, there has been a leadership change at Adidas, with Bjørn Gulden assuming a new role within the company.

What Will Adidas Do With Yeezy Inventory Now?

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