Robots are working at computers in an office while humans watch over them.

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How will technology impact businesses in 2024? What trends should you expect to see?

From rapid advances in biotechnology to quantum leaps in quantum computing processing, technological innovation is poised to transform nearly every industry in 2024. The future of business will look much different than it is now.

Here are six key technology trends that experts say will shape and disrupt sectors in 2024 and beyond.  

Business Is Changing

In 2024, AI will drive cybersecurity, 5G will enhance connectivity, and generative AI will revolutionize the future of business. Biotech breakthroughs are set to transform health care and agriculture, while sustainable technology and circular economy principles will increasingly shape our daily lives and corporate practices. Quantum computing is predicted to break through to real-world applicability, opening a new world of potential in various fields from meteorology to pharmacy.

Trend 1: Rise of AI-Powered Cybersecurity Defenses 

As cybercriminals leverage AI and machine learning to automate and enhance their capabilities, cyber attacks will become more frequent, sophisticated, and difficult to detect. But AI will also enable cybersecurity professionals to develop more advanced defenses to these threats.

This escalation in cyber defenses is expected to contribute to a broader shift anticipated by 2025, when 60% of businesses will consider cybersecurity risk as a top factor for engaging in business transactions or partnerships with third parties.  

Trend 2: Accelerated Rollout and Adoption of 5G Networks 

The widespread adoption of 5G will significantly enhance connectivity and facilitate advancements in areas such: 

It will also pave the way for early research and planning for even more advanced 6G networks.

Trend 3: Expansion of Generative AI (GAI) 

GAI systems like ChatGPT produce unique, never-before-seen content by learning from existing data patterns and generating text that closely mirrors human communication. In 2024, new, advanced algorithms that fuel GAI will be more capable, accessible, and scalable, leading to increased adoption across various industries including financial, education, and manufacturing. The technology will streamline businesses’ procedures, enhance decision-making, and revolutionize human-technology interaction. 

Moreover, GAI systems will extend their capacities beyond text, venturing into voice commands and image recognition.

Experts warn, however, that the rapid adoption of GAI will also raise ethical concerns related to data privacy, bias, and regulatory frameworks. 

Trend 4. Surge in Biotechnology Innovations 

Biotechnology is positioned to bring remarkable changes in several sectors, with potentially profound transformations in health care and agriculture, including:

Trend 5. Increased Focus on Sustainable Technology 

A number of significant developments in sustainable technology are anticipated in 2024, including:

  • Integration of sustainable technology into daily life will accelerate (EVs, electric bikes, etc.).
  • Innovative strategies to address environmental issues will become more prevalent.
  • The principles of the circular economy will increasingly influence product design, with a paradigm shift in manufacturing leading to more products incorporating durability, recyclability, and reusability from the outset.
  • Major tech companies like Google, Apple, Meta, and Amazon will intensify their green initiatives.

Trend 6. Shift of Quantum Computing to Real-World Applicability

Major tech leaders like IBM, Google, and Microsoft are poised to advance quantum computing—a system that promises speeds and power surpassing any existing computing platforms as well as the potential to resolve some of the planet’s most pressing problems. 

Within the next two years, quantum computing is projected to emerge as a powerful tool for numerous computer-intensive fields. Quantum technology’s unique capabilities will also extend to handling complex systems, such as streamlining traffic flow in cities and even aiding in the search for extraterrestrial life.

The Future of Business: 6 Tech Trends to Expect in 2024

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