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Who are some modern conservative thinkers? What views do they hold, and how have they influenced each other?

Modern conservative thinkers include Larry Elder, Stephen Miller, Candace Owens, and more. Many of these thinkers have influenced each other in mentoring relationships and discussions.

Here are some insights about modern conservative thinkers, with examples of how mentorship has had an influence, taken from the PBD Podcast.

Mentorships Between Modern Conservative Thinkers: A Case Study

Mentorship from seasoned conservative thinkers has been pivotal in shaping the overall conservative ideology. For example, Larry Elder’s mentoring role within the conservative movement highlights the importance of guidance and support from experienced individuals in developing political ideologies. Through his mentorship, Elder has helped shape the beliefs and perspectives of aspiring conservatives, contributing to their intellectual growth and understanding of key principles.

Larry Elder, a prominent figure in the conservative movement, has mentored and impacted numerous notable conservative thinkers and figures, leaving a lasting imprint on the movement.

One of the core values championed by Elder is the emphasis on self-improvement and personal responsibility, both integral to conservative ideology.

Individuals such as Stephen Miller and Candace Owens have benefitted from Elder’s mentorship, although it is crucial to acknowledge that mentorship involves a mutual exchange of ideas and guidance, with Elder being influenced by his mentees as much as they are influenced by him. It is important to note that these individuals’ conservative beliefs cannot solely be attributed to Elder, as they have been shaped by a variety of other sources and experiences.

Other prominent figures sharing similar viewpoints on personal responsibility and the importance of self-improvement include Alex Marlow, Michelle Malkin, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Breitbart, and cartoonist Antonio Branco. Many of these figures have ties to Elder, Miller, and Owens through direct mentorship or through other platforms facilitating discussions and the exchange of ideas.

Modern Conservative Thinkers and the Effect of Mentorship

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