A close-up of a man breathing through the nose.

Is it better to breathe through the nose or mouth? What are the advantages of breathing through the nose?

Mel Robbins and Patrick McKeown sit down for a conversation on proper breathing and its importance to your health on The Mel Robbins Podcast. Specifically, they look at the benefits of nasal breathing, which is much better than mouth breathing.

Keep reading to learn why nasal breathing will improve your lifestyle.

The Overall Impacts of Nasal Breathing on Mental and Physical Health

Throughout the podcast, McKeown speaks to the enriching advantages of breathing through the nose as opposed to breathing through the mouth

He bases his assertion on research from 1988 which showed a noticeable enhancement in oxygen uptake in our blood when we breathe through the nose.

McKeown and Robbins delve into how breathing patterns widely influence both mental and physical health. They highlighted the use of breath control for relaxation, known as downregulation, or to induce mild safe stress on the body and mind, labeled as upregulation. This can be likened to jogging with a closed mouth.

Their discussion took an interesting turn when Mel Robbins revealed her commitment to these teachings. They impress upon us just how integral breathing control can be for well-being, and set the stage for incorporating this knowledge in our day-to-day lives.

Practical Examples and Real-Life Applications of Breathing Techniques

McKeown discusses the detrimental impacts of rapid mouth-to-upper chest breathing, as this habit typically triggers stress responses in the body. He provides an example of a study conducted in the UK.

McKeown also introduces Myotape, a tool he’s designed to aid mouth closure during sleep, promoting nose-breathing and particularly beneficial to those suffering from severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Robbins and McKeown both stress the importance of implementing these teachings in everyday life to achieve optimal health.

Robbins shared her personal experience of applying McKeown’s advice and pledged to use the Myotape during her husband’s sleep to facilitate nasal breathing, showcasing a practical application of the technique.


Proper breathing habits have a significant impact on both our mental and physical health. Understanding the importance of nose-breathing versus mouth-breathing is crucial, as rapid mouth-to-upper chest breathing can have negative effects. Breath control techniques play a vital role in relaxation (downregulation) and inducing mild safe stress (upregulation). By incorporating these techniques into our everyday lives, we can experience improved well-being.

Breathing exercises offer practical applications for stress reduction and relaxation. They can be tailored to specific purposes such as anxiety reduction or enhancing athletic performance. Scientific research supports the positive effects of these techniques on mental and physical health. Furthermore, exploring the connection between breathing habits and sleep quality reveals how proper breathing during sleep can alleviate conditions like Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Tools like Myotape, designed to promote nose-breathing by aiding mouth closure during sleep, may be beneficial for individuals with severe OSA.

Looking ahead, future developments in this field may involve further research into the specific mechanisms through which different breathing techniques impact our well-being. This could lead to more targeted interventions personalized for individuals’ needs. Additionally, there is potential for increased integration of these techniques into mainstream healthcare and wellness practices.

The Shocking Advantages of Breathing Through the Nose

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