"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!"

Adventures of a Curious Character

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A series of anecdotes, such as are included in Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman, shouldn't by rights add up to an autobiography, but that's just one of the many pieces of received wisdom that Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman (1918-88) cheerfully ignores in this engagingly eccentric book. Fiercely independent (read the chapter entitled "Judging Books by Their Covers"), intolerant of stupidity even when it comes packaged as high intellectualism (check out "Is Electricity Fire?"), unafraid to offend (see "You Just Ask Them?"), Feynman informs by entertaining. It's possible to... more

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Mark Zuckerberg Founder/FacebookRecommends this book

Sergey Brin Co-Founder/GoogleBrin told the Academy of Achievement: "Aside from making really big contributions in his own field, he was pretty broad-minded. I remember he had an excerpt where he was explaining how he really wanted to be a Leonardo [da Vinci], an artist and a scientist. I found that pretty inspiring. I think that leads to having a fulfilling life." (Source)

Larry Page Co-Founder/GoogleGoogle co-founder has listed this book as one of his favorites. (Source)

Timothy Ferriss Author & EntrepreneurPaints a picture of a very brilliant problem solver and merry prankster who was a polymath, taught himself how to play the bongos, used to paint in strip clubs. You've got to love this guy! And it's a hilarious book but it also shows you how good he was at testing assumptions and questioning dogma. Even in the face of embarrassment or criticism. (Source)

Peter Attia Founder/Attia MedicalThe book I’ve recommended most. (Source)

Naval Ravikant CEO & Co-Founder/AngelListLearn about the inner mindset and external state of someone who was absolutely brilliant. (Source)

Ev Williams Co-Founder/Twitter, CEO/MediumRecommends this book

Noah Kagan Founder/SumoIf you ever meet me in person, I have an extra copy because it's just that amazing. (Source)

Brian Armstrong Co-founder & CEO/CoinbaseRecommends this book

Eytan Levit Recommends this book

Jim Al-Khalili Feynman is the most colourful character in physics. (Source)

Chris Oliver Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman I have read many times. It takes you back to childhood curiosity of learning things. Feynman was also a master at the appearance of being a "genius" because he would often make educated guesses which blew the minds of people around him, therefore earning his reputation as a genius. (Source)

Dave Child The other book which had a huge impact on me was Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman. At school, I'd done well in maths and the sciences, but when it came time to go to university, I just wanted to work on the web, so didn't take up my place. Reading that book rekindled my enthusiasm for science in general, and it was shortly after that that I started a Physics degree with the Open University. Going back to academic study had a huge impact on me. I'd go as far as to say I'd been in a serious rut for a few years at that point, but studying with the Open University gave me clarity and... (Source)

Joan Boixados A brilliant mind with unlimited curiosity that played major roles in several different fields. Fun to read. (Source)

Max Gurvits As far as Surely Youʼre Joking is concerned, Richard Feynman is probably one of the best storytellers the world has known. The book is a collection of stories about his work (heʼs one of the fathers of the US nuclear program, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1965) and his passions, like music and teaching. Whatʼs really exciting about Feynman, and a trait I think generally is one of the most important in life, is that he manages to explain very complicated things as if theyʼre the simplest you can imagine, constantly making fun at his own expense and showcasing his... (Source)

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