Peace Is Every Step

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Thich Nhat Hahn is a Vietnamese Zen master, poet and writer whose humane, benevolent presence and spiritual influence is comparable only to that of the Dalai Lama. His teachings show how to use Zen mindfulness in everyday aspects of life, live in the world peacefully, and weather daily mundane crises as well as larger spiritual trials. less

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Joel Gascoigne Around two and a half years ago I found myself on a very organic path from business, success and self-improvement books to those that spanned both personal success and spirituality. Books like The Monk and the Riddle mentioned above address this topic. After reading some of these books, I naturally found myself interested in meditation and Zen Buddhism. One of the most fascinating Zen Buddhists and authors for me has been Thich Nhat Hahn who has written many books. (Source)

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