How Will You Measure Your Life?

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How do you lead a fulfilling life? That profound question animates this book of inspiration and insight from world-class business strategist and bestselling author of The Innovator's Dilemma, Clayton Christensen.After beating a heart attack, advanced-stage cancer and a stroke in three successive years, the world-renowned innovation expert and author of one of the best selling and most influential business books of all time The Innovator's Dilemma Clayton M. Christensen delivered a short but powerful speech to the Harvard Business School graduating class. He presented a set of personal... more

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Nir Eyal Author/HookedRecommends this book

Naveen Jain (Note: When asked what books had the biggest impact) A few that come to mind include: Abundance by Peter Diamandis, Life at the Speed of Light by Craig Venter and How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, and Karen Dillon. However, every book I’ve read has impacted my thoughts in a different way. Whenever I am excited by a new topic or industry, such as the microbiome – which has resulted in the formation of Viome, I read any and all books on the topic. Each book contributes to my thought process and what is the next step to take. (Source)

Michael Bloomberg I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in bussiness or entrepreneurship. (Source)

Iulia Ghita Christensen’s writings are so powerful that they make you rethink your life and your business strategies. How Will You Measure Your Life taught me that it’s easier to hold on to my principles 100% of the time than it is to hold on to them 98% of the time. Made me realize there is no “just this once” in life. (Source)

Dmitry Dragilev How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Christensen is a wonderful book in terms of figuring out what is you’re doing with life in general. (Source)

Dragos Novac Clay’s Innovator’s Dilemma was important. Also, about 10 years later, he had another which really had a profound impact on me and on my belief systems – How will you measure your life. (Source)

Mike Maples, Jr. [Mike Maples, Jr. said this is one of his most-recommended books.] (Source)

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