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The Way the World Works

Jude Wanniski's masterpiece defined the policies at the heart of the Reagan economic boom that continues today and promises a coming century of global peace and prosperity. Writing with a simplicity and liveliness uncommon to his subject, Wanniski offers a fresh general theory of the world's political evolution that explains how and why economies fail and succeed, now and as far as we can imagine. less
Recommended by Grover Norquist, and 1 others.

Grover NorquistYes. Incentives matter. Hard money matters. When the government inflates the currency, when the government raises taxes…it explains why high tax rates drive decisions by individuals and therefore collectively the sum of decisions by people in the country. It makes the practical argument for limited government. (Source)

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I Led 3 Lives

* A complete production history of this fascinating program, including memories and quotes from Richard Carlson, Frederic Ziv, and others. * A complete episode guide listing in extreme detail, all 117 episodes in production order, including dates they were filmed, complete cast lists, where each scene was filmed on location throughout California, and other pieces of trivia so detailed it'll make your head swim. * Reprints of story ideas and suggestions that just never fleshed out into a feasible television episode. * Internal correspondence between Philbrick and the television producer so you... more
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Grover NorquistYes, in the following sense. Philbrick used to hold cell meetings in my hometown, in Weston, Massachusetts, so that made it more interesting. I lived on Red Hill in Weston. It was called that because there were a lot of leftist people in the 50s and 60s who lived there. The idea that there were people in the United States who actually hated the country is something you find in both Chambers and I... (Source)

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First published in 1952, Witness was at once a literary effort, a philosophical treatise, and a bestseller. Whittaker Chambers had just participated in America's trial of the century in which Chambers claimed that Alger Hiss, a full-standing member of the political establishment, was a spy for the Soviet Union. This poetic autobiography recounts the famous case, but also reveals much more. Chambers' worldview--e.g. "man without mysticism is a monster"--went on to help make political conservatism a national force.
Recommended by Grover Norquist, and 1 others.

Grover NorquistI read both of them in the same summer at my public library, in Weston Public Library. (Source)

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Free to Choose

A Personal Statement

The international bestseller on the extent to which personal freedom has been eroded by government regulations and agencies while personal prosperity has been undermined by government spending and economic controls. New Foreword by the Authors; Index.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe other book that I have given hundreds of copies to is Free to Choose by Milton Friedman. It kind of lays out why the private sector is really the answer to a lot of problems that we have and not government. I think it’s a real great philosophic kind of a book about how to approach our problems, if it is education, if it is economic growth, all of those various kinds of different issues. He... (Source)

Grover NorquistWith Free to Choose, the title summarises it. He deals with vouchers in education and the whole idea of what we’re promoting. This goes back to the argument on the science stuff. We’re not for freedom because it brings economic growth. We’re not for freedom because it brings technology and improvements in standards of living. We’re for freedom because we’re for people being free. It also happens... (Source)

Mitch DanielsI chose this book because it expressed best to me the moral underpinnings of free economics, if one starts from the premise that the highest value is the autonomy and dignity and freedom of the individual. (Source)

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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

In 2075, the Moon is no longer a penal colony. But it is still a prison...

Life isn't easy for the political dissidents and convicts who live in the scattered colonies that make up lunar civilisation. Everything is regulated strictly, efficiently and cheaply by a central supercomputer, HOLMES IV.

When humble technician Mannie O'Kelly-Davis discovers that HOLMES IV has quietly achieved consciousness (and developed a sense of humour), the choice is clear: either report the problem to the authorities... or become friends.

And perhaps overthrow the...

Bill GatesProbably the [science fiction book] I read the most when I was younger. (Source)

Elon Musk[Elon Musk recommended this book as one of his favorite books about space.] (Source)

Orson Scott CardRobert A Heinlein is, quite seriously, the creator of modern science fiction, in the way that Jane Austen is the creator of the modern novel. (Source)

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Justice Anthony Kennedy slipped out of the Supreme Court building on June 27, 2018, and traveled incognito to the White House to inform President Donald Trump that he was retiring, setting in motion a political process that his successor, Brett Kavanaugh, would denounce three months later as a “national disgrace” and a “circus.”

Justice on Trial, the definitive insider’s account of Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, is based on extraordinary access to more than one hundred key figures—including the president, justices, and senators—in that ferocious political...

Donald J. TrumpBook is doing really well. A study in unfairness to a potentially great Justice! (Source)

Grover Norquist@waynegaddy @MZHemingway Lacked a phone number. She has a great book out. (Source)

Neal HoustonApparently, Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, deleted her social media profile weeks before she sent a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein detailing the allegation, according to a new book... HOW INTERESTING 🤔 (Source)

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