Reinventing Organizations

A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness

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The way we manage organizations seems increasingly out of date. Deep inside, we sense that more is possible. We long for soulful workplaces, for authenticity, community, passion, and purpose.

In this groundbreaking book, the author shows that every time, in the past, when humanity has shifted to a new stage of consciousness, it has achieved extraordinary breakthroughs in collaboration. A new shift in consciousness is currently underway. Could it help us invent a more soulful and purposeful way to run our businesses and nonprofits, schools and...

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Armina Sirbu Reinventing Organizations by F. Laloux - the best book there is about the organizations of the future. (Source)

Cristina Riesen First, a word on career paths. In time, I realised that career paths are like one-way streets. Magic happens in unexplored territories. Plus life is how you choose to live every moment, every day. So today, rather than building a career, I prefer to make lateral moves in life, working with great people and being part of ambitious projects impacting the world. There are a few books that got me here: [...] Frederic Laloux "Reinventing Organizations". (Source)

Bogdan Lucaciu Completely unrelated people told me about it at the same time, for different reasons. People that I really looked up to. Quite serendipitous. It was almost spooky reading it, I didn't expect such a highly regarded book to be so close to my unconventional beliefs about organisation design. (Source)

Elaine Wherry It's one of the few organizational theory books written in the last few years that is thorough, though-provoking and not self-promoting. (Source)

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