Gates of Fire

An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae

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In 480 B.C., two million Persian invaders come to the mountain pass of Thermopylae in eastern Greece, where they are met by 300 of Sparta's finest warriors. The Greek loyalists battle for six days in a prelude to their ultimate victory. less

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Ron Conway The story of the battle of 300 Spartan soldiers against the Persian army. (Source)

Chris Fussell A classic in the special operations community. (Source)

Zach Even Esh From @SPressfield . I love this excerpt from his book. . It reminds me of many things and people... . people who tell you how to grow your gym yet they have never owned a gym a day in their life. . People who… (Source)

Xi-Wei Yeo I wasn’t the most confident of youths, I think. I was never bold enough to be a trend-setter, but always too concerned about what others thought of me to be comfortable in my own skin. Because of this I was lost, drifting from path to path. Then I read Gates of Fire, by Steven Pressfield, which was a historical fiction about the Battle of Thermopylae. I know it sounds a little silly now, but reading about the Spartan code changed me. It wasn’t about how brave you looked or seemed, but truly about knowing yourself and being proud of who you are. I learned to believe in myself more since then,... (Source)

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