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Riding decades of success, this program has turned human toothpicks into stalwarts, and stalwarts into legends. After a few minutes under a squat bar, you will find out what you’re made of: wussies hate it, hardies revel in it . . . the routine in this book is so tough that only the highly-motivated can handle it. Step up to the challenge of getting bigger and stronger, sans drugs, fancy equipment or food fads. less
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Zach Even EshThe Book Super Squats is awesome. Kids need to be reading stuff like that. Coaches in their 20s need to read it as well! (Source)

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The Book of Five Rings

Written over three centuries ago by a Samurai warrior, the book has been hailed as a limitless source of psychological insight for businessmen-or anyone who relies on strategy and tactics for outwitting the competition. less

Ryan HolidayWidely held as a classic, this book is much more than a manifesto and manual on swordsmanship and martial arts. It’s about the mindset, the discipline, and the perception necessary to win in life or death situations. As a swordsman, Musashi fought mostly by himself, for himself. His wisdom, therefore, is mostly internal. He tells you how to out-think and out-move your enemies. He tells you how to... (Source)

Zach Even EshLove this book & should have re-read long ago. . It only takes a page or 2 to change your life IF YOU FOLLOW THROUGH. . #musashi #samurai #undergroundstrengthgym #undergroundstrengthcoach #undergroundstrengthbook… (Source)

Stephane GrandI do not believe there are business and non-business books. Business is life, you do business like the man or woman you excavate from the person you are told you are. Hence, the most potent business books are not about business, in my opinion. What makes a great business book is that it is a book that helps you find a better version of yourself. Therefore, I would say that my favorite business... (Source)

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In 480 B.C., two million Persian invaders come to the mountain pass of Thermopylae in eastern Greece, where they are met by 300 of Sparta's finest warriors. The Greek loyalists battle for six days in a prelude to their ultimate victory. less

Ron ConwayThe story of the battle of 300 Spartan soldiers against the Persian army. (Source)

Chris FussellA classic in the special operations community. (Source)

Zach Even EshFrom @SPressfield . I love this excerpt from his book. . It reminds me of many things and people... . people who tell you how to grow your gym yet they have never owned a gym a day in their life. . People who… (Source)

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