Cinematic Storytelling

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What the industry's most succcessful writers and directors have in common is that they have mastered the cinematic conventions specific to the medium. less

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Andi Dumitrescu My career path is made of several components, all of them main ones: sound engineering, film montage, movie directing, composition and vocal singing. That’s what I want to do in life and this is what makes me happy. For each of these, I’ve had book to help me along the way: The Eye is Quicker, by Richard D. Pepperman, Cut by Cut by Gael Chandler, The Technique of Film and Video Editing by Ken Dancyger, Directing by Mike Goodridge, Cinematic Storytelling by Jennifer Van Sijll, Sound for Picture by Tom Kenny and The Rock'n'Roll Singer's Survival Manual by Mark Baxter. (Source)

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