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Alongside the bestselling 9/11 Commission Report is investigative journalist Peter Lance′s expose of the government′s decade long cover-up about al Qaeda, and how they′re still hiding the truth today.

In the groundbreaking 1000 Years for Revenge, Peter Lance exposed the FBI′s twelve-year record of negligence that led to the attacks of 9/11. Now, alongside the bestselling 9/11 Commission Report, Lance′s Cover Up, proves that the government has been covering up its own counter-terror failures since the mid-1990s and continues to do so today.

Part I presents new major...
Recommended by Yosri Fouda, and 1 others.

Yosri FoudaThis book is about missed opportunities. It has two main concepts – the conspiracy theories and the missed opportunities. Ever since 9/11 happened so many people have said that America did it to itself, and no matter what evidence is presented to them they still think it. Unlike Thierry Meyssan’s book on the conspiracies (9/11: The Big Lie), this book is more about the missed opportunities and it... (Source)

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Against All Enemies

"The [Bush] administration has squandered the opportunity to eliminate al Qaeda....A new al Qaeda has emerged and is growing stronger, in part because of our own actions and inactions. It is in many ways a tougher opponent than the original threat we faced before September 11, and we are not doing what is necessary to make America safe from that threat."

No one has more authority to make that claim than Richard Clarke, the former counterterrorism czar for both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. The one person who knows more about Usama bin Laden and al Qaeda than anyone else in this...

Recommended by Yosri Fouda, and 1 others.

Yosri FoudaRichard Clarke was the man who ruled America on 9/11 when the rulers were all trying to hide underground. (Source)

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Named one of the Washington Post Book World's Best Books of 2009, The Least Worst Place offers a gripping narrative account of the first one hundred days of Guantanamo. Greenberg, one of America's leading experts on the Bush Administration's policies on terrorism, tells the story through a group of career officers who tried--and ultimately failed--to stymie the Pentagon's desire to implement harsh new policies in Guantanamo and bypass the Geneva Conventions. Peopled with genuine heroes and villains, this narrative of the earliest days of the post-9/11 era centers on the... more
Recommended by Yosri Fouda, and 1 others.

Yosri FoudaGreenberg is the director of the Centre on Law and Security at NYU and she’s very critical of the Bush era and all the practical aspects of it, especially detention. She’s done some great work here on Guantanamo and its first 100 days. She tackles it from a legal point of view which is very interesting, what it means and how it is possible, if at all, to get out of this mess. She has good... (Source)

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A sweeping narrative history of the events leading to 9/11, a groundbreaking look at the people and ideas, the terrorist plans and the Western intelligence failures that culminated in the assault on America. Lawrence Wright's remarkable book is based on five years of research and hundreds of interviews that he conducted in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, England, France, Germany, Spain, and the United States.

The Looming Tower achieves an unprecedented level of intimacy and insight by telling the story through the interweaving lives of four men: the two...

Bryan CallenI love [this author]. (Source)

Mary HabeckThis is a fantastic account of the origins of al Qaeda, the individuals who laid the foundations of the organisation and why they carried out 9/11. (Source)

Peter TaylorIf anybody wishes to understand what Al-Qaeda is, where it came from and what it is trying to do, I think that this is the key book to read. (Source)

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No one knows more about Osama bin Laden than Peter Bergen. In 1997, well before the West suddenly became aware of the world's most sought-after terrorist, Bergen met with him and has followed his activities ever since.

Today, years after President Bush swore to get him dead or alive and despite haunting the popular imagination since September 11, 2001, bin Laden remains shrouded in mystery and obscured by a barrage of facts, details and myths. With numerous never-before-published interviews, The Osama Bin Laden I Know provides unprecedented insight into bin Laden's life...
Recommended by Hassan Abbas, Yosri Fouda, and 2 others.

Hassan AbbasThis book should be a textbook for South Asia’s military, intelligence and police because it explains how terrorists think. (Source)

Yosri FoudaIt’s just about the best reference book in America when it comes to bin Laden. It’s a personal account and it makes it more vivid for people and helps them to relate to it more. (Source)

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