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TEN YEARS HAVE PASSED since the shocking attacks on the World Trade Center, and after seven years of conflict, the last U.S. combat troops left Iraq--only to move into Afghanistan, where the ten-year-old fight continues: the war on terror rages with no clear end in sight. In "The Longest War "Peter Bergen offers a comprehensive history of this war and its evolution, from the strategies devised in the wake of the 9/11 attacks to the fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and beyond. Unlike any other book on this subject, here Bergen tells the story of this shifting war's failures and successes... more
Recommended by Peter Taylor, and 1 others.

Peter TaylorPeter Bergen was able to do what I have never been able to do, which was to actually interview Bin Laden. He is a first-class journalist who probably knows more about Al-Qaeda than anyone else. I differentiate between him and Lawrence Wright, who is an academic. Peter Bergen is a journalist who has become an academic. Interviewing Bin Laden was still very difficult in the 1990s but Peter Bergen... (Source)

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Through Our Enemies' Eyes

This edition assesses the changes and continuities in Osama bin Laden's thinking since 2002. The author details the positive benefits that radical militants have derived from the allied invasion of Iraq as bin Laden has been transformed into a symbol of leadership in a worldwide Islamic movement. less
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Peter TaylorI first met Michael Scheuer almost a decade ago, when I started to try to understand the phenomenon of Al-Qaeda post 9/11. Before I met him, I remember getting hold of his book and reading it on a beach in Greece. And again, it was well written. He has written several books since then, he has just done a new one on Bin Laden. But as head of the Bin Laden unit, which was set up before the [1998]... (Source)

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In the days immediately following September 11th, the most powerful people in the country were panic-stricken. The radical decisions about how to combat terrorists and strengthen national security were made in a state of utter chaos and fear, but the key players, Vice President Dick Cheney and his powerful, secretive adviser David Addington, used the crisis to further a long held agenda to enhance Presidential powers to a degree never known in U.S. history, and obliterate Constitutional protections that define the very essence of the American experiment.

The Dark Side is a...
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Peter TaylorBecause it is a remarkable account of a remarkable period. I was covering Northern Ireland in the late 1970s when there were allegations of abuse – the IRA called it torture, although I didn’t believe it was torture. But there were allegations of IRA suspects and a few Loyalist suspects being beaten up by police officers during interrogation. I investigated those allegations, decided they were... (Source)

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Nearly three thousand people died in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In Lower Manhattan, on a field in Pennsylvania, and along the banks of the Potomoc, the United States suffered the single largest loss of life from an enemy attack on its soil.

In November 2002 the United States Congress and President George W. Bush established by law the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, also known as the 9/11 Commission. This independent, bipartisan panel was directed to examine the facts and circumstances surrounding the September 11 attacks, identify...
Recommended by Peter Taylor, Gretchen Peters, and 2 others.

Peter TaylorIt reads like a novel or a thriller. It has a unity and a style and accessibility that is, I think, probably unique in any government report. (Source)

Gretchen PetersIt looks like this huge dense government report with the US Government seal on the front and it’s 550 pages long. But the first chapter especially is a real page-turner. (Source)

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A sweeping narrative history of the events leading to 9/11, a groundbreaking look at the people and ideas, the terrorist plans and the Western intelligence failures that culminated in the assault on America. Lawrence Wright's remarkable book is based on five years of research and hundreds of interviews that he conducted in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, England, France, Germany, Spain, and the United States.

The Looming Tower achieves an unprecedented level of intimacy and insight by telling the story through the interweaving lives of four men: the two...

Bryan CallenI love [this author]. (Source)

Mary HabeckThis is a fantastic account of the origins of al Qaeda, the individuals who laid the foundations of the organisation and why they carried out 9/11. (Source)

Peter TaylorIf anybody wishes to understand what Al-Qaeda is, where it came from and what it is trying to do, I think that this is the key book to read. (Source)

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