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"Cogent, honest, and hard-hitting-a must read for every investor." -Warren E. Buffett
Praise for Common Sense on Mutual Funds
"Invoking both Thomas Paine and Benjamin Graham, Jack Bogle outlines a supremely logical plan not only to better investors' returns, but to improve the whole fund industry. This isn't just the best book yet by Bogle, it may well be the best book ever on mutual funds." -DON PHILLIPS, President & CEO, Morningstar, Inc.
"Buffett cannot teach you or me how to become a Warren Buffett. Bogle's reasoned precepts can enable a...

Jason ZweigThis is a wonderful, comprehensive introduction to how the financial markets work. It shows who has your interests at heart, and what the various self-interests are, of all the people you are likely to encounter when you invest. (Source)

Burton MalkielJohn C. Bogle shares his extensive insights on investing in mutual funds (Source)

Peter MalloukA book that I read when I was very young that I thought really kind of explained the investing world in plain English. (Source)

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"This is your wake-up call! You may not have even realized you were sleep-walking. Most of us are most of the time. Awareness is an eye-opener. It's Anthony de Mello telling you gently but firmly, 'It's time to get up now.'" --Charles Osgood of "CBS Sunday Morning" and "The Osgood File"

"Awareness will be the critical test of American business in the next decade. I call it the 'business of awareness.'" --F.X. Maguire, Hearth Communications Group

The heart of Anthony de Mello's bestselling spiritual message is awareness. Mixing Christian...

Recommended by Ben Greenfield, Peter Mallouk, and 2 others.

Ben GreenfieldOn this edition of the weekly roundup, you'll discover: -An amazing book I'm reading called #Awareness -Edible Honeycombs by @passthehoney -A podcast with @drdanacohen discussing her new book #Quench -My ultimate #supplements guide -And much more... (Source)

Peter MalloukGives you a lot of perspective about yourself and the world. (Source)

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