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"A story of epic proportions [and] an awesome feat of biographical reconstruction."—The Boston Globe

A classic of its kind, The Long Gray Line is the twenty-five-year saga of the West Point class of 1966. With a novelist's eye for detail, Rick Atkinson illuminates this powerful story through the lives of three classmates and the women they loved—from the boisterous cadet years, to the fires of Vietnam, to the hard peace and internal struggles that followed the war. The rich cast of characters also includes Douglas MacArthur, William C. Westmoreland, and a score...
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Mark Hertling@Carter_PE @MattGallagher0 Yes, and this is a great book. Thanks for the reminder, Phil. (Source)

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The smudge looked suspiciously penis- like. The doctor confirmed: "That's the baby's penis!" which caused not celebration, but panic. Joel pictured having to go camping and fix a car and use a hammer and throw a football and watch professionals throw footballs and figure out whether to be sad or happy about the results of said football throwing.

So begins his quest to confront his effete nature whether he likes it or not (he doesn't), by doing a twenty-four-hour shift with L.A. firefighters, going hunting, rebuilding a house, driving a Lamborghini, enduring three days of boot...
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Mark HertlingDidn’t see this RT from the terrific @thejoelstein His visit to Armor crew basic training (which he describes in his great book “Man-Made: A Stupid Quest for Maculinity,”) is a hilarious memory (and it’s a great book for dads!) (Source)

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The definitive guide to working with -- and surviving -- bullies, creeps, jerks, tyrants, tormentors, despots, backstabbers, egomaniacs, and all the other assholes who do their best to destroy you at work.

"What an asshole!"

How many times have you said that about someone at work? You're not alone! In this groundbreaking book, Stanford University professor Robert I. Sutton builds on his acclaimed Harvard Business Review article to show you the best ways to deal with assholes...and why they can be so destructive to your company. Practical, compassionate, and in...

Ronn TorossianPR is notoriously a hard industry to succeed in. And as an entrepreneur, it’s really hard - and sometimes you have to make decisions that are not always easy but best for the company. A great book — necessary reading for everyone at 5WPR — is the great business book, The No Asshole Rule. The book’s theory, while seemingly obvious, is quite difficult to adhere to for many people – learn to cut... (Source)

Mark Hertling@Strike_Williams Dealing with toxic leaders is a challenge, each is different w different motivations...they usually fly under their bosses radar. Much longer conversation than we can have here...but check out this great book: “The No Asshole Rule”. (Source)

Jessica Pryce-JonesI love this book, because while work is about trying to make a context in which everybody can thrive, and continuously building up trust, you also have to dismantle distrust. You have to do the two things at the same time, in my view. You walk into any school and if they say, ‘We don’t have any bullies,’ my thought is you’re just not looking hard enough. There’s always going to be distrust,... (Source)

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Athena Rising

How and Why Men Should Mentor Women

Increasingly, new employees and junior members of any profession are encouraged—sometimes stridently—to “find a mentor!” Four decades of research reveals that the effects of mentorship can be profound and enduring; strong mentoring relationships have the capacity to transform individuals and entire organizations. Organizations that retain and promote top talent—both female and male—are more likely to thrive.

But the mentoring landscape is unequal. Evidence consistently shows that women face more barriers in securing mentorships than men, and when they do find a mentor, they may...
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Mark Hertling@ETSshow It is one book I continuously recommend to those about to chose a mentor (especially women)! Dr Johnson has done some great research, will be a great show. (Source)

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The story of a young woman from Montana who joined the CIA and worked her way up through the ranks to the frontline of the fight against Islamic extremists.

In 1999, 30-year-old Nada Bakos moved from her lifelong home in Montana to Washington, DC, to join the CIA. Quickly realizing her affinity for intelligence work, Nada was determined to rise through the ranks of the agency first as an analyst and then as a Targeting Officer, eventually finding herself on the frontline of America's War against Islamic extremists. In this role, Nada was charged with finding the godfather of...

Mark S. ZaidNice @CIA book review of our client @nadabakos' book. Would be awesome if we didn't have to litigate these things! (Source)

Mark HertlingIf you served in Iraq anytime between 2003-2014, this is a must read book by @nadabakos The described Intel collection provides insight to what the military was doing on the ground. Excellent behind-the-scenes history. (Source)

Ryan GoodmanGreat book by @nadabakos hits shelves June 4—"The Targeter: My Life in the CIA, Hunting Terrorists and Challenging the White House" Bakos, @djrothkopf and I discussed what book says about intel on Iran, Russia attack, women in intelligence sector, more... (Source)

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Success in business requires navigating through wildly different cultural realities, and we become vulnerable without any knowledge of how to decode cultures foreign to our own. For today’s ever-more-globalized audience, international culture expert Erin Meyer writes a fun and instructive guide to the tactics and strategies we’ll need to overcome cultural obstacles and obtain success.

Emma Wedekind@sarah_edo @jennyshen I love this topic so much! Sarah you might love The Culture Map. BEST book of 2019 so far and taught me how to work on internationally diverse teams! (Source)

Katharina BorchertWelcoming the brilliant @ErinMeyerINSEAD to #brrrlin - her book #culturemap should be required reading for anyone communicating with anyone outside their own native #culture. It will save you so much pain. (Source)

Mark HertlingBTW, a great book on the subject: The Culture Map, by Erin Meyer (especially good for those working in multinational organizations...or the govt/military) (Source)

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From an FBI insider, a riveting, fly-on-the-wall account of the historic investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia and the president's unprecedented attacks on the bureau—and a passionate defense of the men and women who work every day to uphold democratic institutions and the rule of law.

Titled after the FBI code name for the initial investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, Crossfire Hurricane chronicles President Trump's relentless attacks on the FBI. Josh Campbell, a career special agent who served under Presidents George W. Bush,...

Susan HennesseyEpisode 10 also features the amazing @joshscampbell telling the story from in the room the day Comey learned he was fired. (He goes into it a little more in his book, which you should all read: (Source)

Preet BhararaThis great new book by my former FBI colleague @joshscampbell will help you understand the tactics being used by the President to distract and deflect attention away from the latest growing scandals. Get your copy here: (Source)

Emily BrandwinWhen you write a damn good book, good things you end up as an Amazon Best Seller!!! (Source)

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At the height of WWI, history’s most lethal influenza virus erupted in an army camp in Kansas, moved east with American troops, then exploded, killing as many as 100 million people worldwide. It killed more people in twenty-four months than AIDS killed in twenty-four years, more in a year than the Black Death killed in a century. But this was not the Middle Ages, and 1918 marked the first collision of science and epidemic disease. Magisterial in its breadth of perspective and depth of research and now revised to reflect the growing danger of the avian flu, The Great Influenza is... more

Greg Dworkin@heshsson yes1 brilliant book, which also explains flu better than most other things you will read (Source)

Kyle Bass@Holykisses Remember the Great Influenza of 1918 (amazing book by Barry)...40-50 million died at a 10% kill rate. The higher the rate, the faster it is likely to burn itself out. 10% is a global pandemic nightmare. (Source)

Dave CollumI guess it is a good time to point out that "The Great Influenza" is a great book. If you think modern medicine would have mitigate this one, you haven't read the book. (Source)

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Extreme Ownership

How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win

An updated edition of the blockbuster bestselling leadership book that took America and the world by storm, two U.S. Navy SEAL officers who led the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War demonstrate how to apply powerful leadership principles from the battlefield to business and life.

Combat, the most intense and dynamic environment imaginable, teaches the toughest leadership lessons, with absolutely everything at stake. Jocko Willink and Leif Babin learned this reality first-hand on the most violent and dangerous battlefield in Iraq. As leaders of...

Casey NeistatMy favorite Jocko book. (Source)

Timothy FerrissJocko is also the co-author of Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win — which I loved. (Source)

Roger AilesThis is the SEAL Leadership book we have been waiting for. Poignant, powerful, practical. A must read for every leader. (Source)

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