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Success in business requires navigating through wildly different cultural realities, and we become vulnerable without any knowledge of how to decode cultures foreign to our own. For today’s ever-more-globalized audience, international culture expert Erin Meyer writes a fun and instructive guide to the tactics and strategies we’ll need to overcome cultural obstacles and obtain success.

Emma Wedekind@sarah_edo @jennyshen I love this topic so much! Sarah you might love The Culture Map. BEST book of 2019 so far and taught me how to work on internationally diverse teams! (Source)

Katharina BorchertWelcoming the brilliant @ErinMeyerINSEAD to #brrrlin - her book #culturemap should be required reading for anyone communicating with anyone outside their own native #culture. It will save you so much pain. https://t.co/KLUyc2uOqH (Source)

Mark HertlingBTW, a great book on the subject: The Culture Map, by Erin Meyer (especially good for those working in multinational organizations...or the govt/military) (Source)

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