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Sunny Days is the fascinating record of the growth of India's greatest batsman; one whose astonishing feats on the cricket field have had innumerable records rewritten, and yet more difficult targets set.

How did Sunil Manohar Gavaskar begin and what were the early days like? It is not merely out of curiosity that one may ask the question; the knowledge of the shaping up of the process of greatness is essential for a true understanding of the greatness. Before we can ask the Little Master to tell us about the dizzying heights of his career we need to know the beginning. And Sunny...
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Amit ParanjapeI was too young to watch Ajit Wadekar play. My earliest cricket memories started with Sunil Gavaskar's batting. Gavaskar's great book, 'Sunny Days' provided my generation a great view of the historic 1971 series, and of Ajit Wadekar - the player, the captain, and the leader. (Source)

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R. N. Kao

Gentleman Spymaster

The riveting story of a spymaster…history doesn't come more riveting than this. The research and analysis wing (r&aw), India's foreign intelligence organisation, is one of the most respected institutions in the world of espionage and Foreign intelligence today. It has played a vital role in almost all of the landmark events in India's recent history—from the 1971 war to the merger of Sikkim, from discovering Pakistan's nuclear programme to the recent balakot operation. Yet, as befits its role, very little is known about the organisation. Equally little is known about its founder,... more
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Amit ParanjapeLooking forward. Great book! (Source)

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Amit ParanjapeInteresting @PuneIntCentre event coming up next Monday (5 pm, Jan 13) - #Pune launch of this excellent book by Dr. Vijay Kelkar and Ajay Shah: "In Service Of The Republic - The Art And Science Of Economic Policy". Details, registration: See below. (Source)

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Direct from Dell

Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry

At nineteen, Michael Dell started his company as a freshman at the University of Texas with $1,000 and has since built an industry powerhouse. As Dell journeys through his childhood adventures, ups and downs, and mistakes made along the way, he reflects on invaluable lessons learned.

Michael Dell's revolutionary insight has allowed him to persevere against all odds, and Direct from Dell contains valuable information for any business leader. His strategies will show you effective ways to grow your business and will help you save time on costly mistakes by following his direct model...
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Amit ParanjapeWhat an amazing story! Do read @MichaelDell's book: 'Direct from Dell' (Source)

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As the intellectual fountainhead of the ideology of Hindutva, which is in political ascendancy in India today, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is undoubtedly one of the most contentious political thinkers and leaders of the twentieth century. Accounts of his eventful and stormy life have oscillated from eulogizing hagiographies to disparaging demonization. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between and has unfortunately never been brought to light. Savarkar and his ideology stood as one of the strongest and most virulent opponents of Gandhi, his pacifist philosophy and the Indian National... more

Narendra ModiThis morning in Bengaluru I met the bright @vikramsampath. I am glad that he has devoted significant time and research towards studying Veer Savarkar. His book adds fresh dimensions towards understanding the life and thoughts of the great Savarkar. (Source)

Amit Paranjape@narendramodi @vikramsampath Great book! (Source)

Bibek Debroy@vikramsampath. What a fantastic book on Savarkar!! Eagerly waiting for the next volume. A template for writing biographies. Please do not fail to read this. Penguin /Viking. (Source)

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Read about the extraordinary experiences of a batch of 1983, and in particular the residents of Hostel 4 or H4, at IIT Bombay, who are today well-known politicians, international strategists, IT czars and successful entrepreneurs... less
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Amit Paranjape@nitingokhale Some very interesting anecdotes about him from his @iitbombay days shared by his batchmates. Will forward this in the groups. Also the book (stories compiled by students of Hostel 4 (from 70s and 80s) has some good ones too. Will send you the book. (Source)

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The Gene

An Intimate History

La historia de cómo hemos descifrado el código fuente que nos hace humanos abarca todo el planeta y varios siglos -y probablemente defina el futuro que nos espera.

Entrelazando ciencia, historia y vivencias personales, Mukherjee hace un recorrido por el nacimiento, el crecimiento, la influencia y el futuro de una de las ideas más poderosas y peligrosas de la historia de la ciencia: el gen, la unidad fundamental de la herencia, y la unidad básica de toda la información biológica. Desde Aristóteles y Pitágoras, pasando por los descubrimientos relegados de Mendel, la revolución de...

Bill Gates"Mukherjee wrote this book for a lay audience, because he knows that the new genome technologies are at the cusp of affecting us all in profound ways," Gates wrote. Mukherjee is what Gates calls a "quadruple threat." He's a practicing physician, teacher, researcher, and author. (Source)

Amit Paranjape@vikramsathaye @DrSidMukherjee @kiranshaw Great book. (Source)

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A Nobel Prize-winning biologist tells the riveting story of his race to discover the inner workings of biology's most important molecule

Everyone has heard of DNA. But by itself, DNA is just an inert blueprint for life. It is the ribosome--an enormous molecular machine made up of a million atoms--that makes DNA come to life, turning our genetic code into proteins and therefore into us. Gene Machine is an insider account of the race for the structure of the ribosome, a fundamental discovery that both advances our knowledge of all life and could lead to the...
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Amit ParanjapeRead an interesting book: 'Gene Machine: The Race to Decipher the Secrets of the Ribosome' by Nobel Laureate Venki Ramakrishnan. The book discusses the author's early years of work, the race to decode the ribosome ('gene reading molecule'), the politics of awards and more. (Source)

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