Gene Machine

The Race to Decipher the Secrets of the Ribosome

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A Nobel Prize-winning biologist tells the riveting story of his race to discover the inner workings of biology's most important molecule

Everyone has heard of DNA. But by itself, DNA is just an inert blueprint for life. It is the ribosome--an enormous molecular machine made up of a million atoms--that makes DNA come to life, turning our genetic code into proteins and therefore into us. Gene Machine is an insider account of the race for the structure of the ribosome, a fundamental discovery that both advances our knowledge of all life and could lead to the...

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Amit Paranjape Read an interesting book: 'Gene Machine: The Race to Decipher the Secrets of the Ribosome' by Nobel Laureate Venki Ramakrishnan. The book discusses the author's early years of work, the race to decode the ribosome ('gene reading molecule'), the politics of awards and more. (Source)

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