When Nietzsche Wept

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In 19th-century Vienna, a drama of love, fate, and will is played out amid the intellectual ferment that defined the era.

Josef Breuer, one of the founding fathers of psychoanalysis, is at the height of his career. Friedrich Nietzsche, Europe's greatest philosopher, is on the brink of suicidal despair, unable to find a cure for the headaches and other ailments that plague him. When he agrees to treat Nietzsche with his experimental "talking cure", Breuer never expects that he, too, will find solace in their sessions. Only through facing his own inner demons can the gifted healer...

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Sid Lowe This is a thing of beauty. @45footballCom has an astonishing collection of football singles. And now 900 or so sleeves are in a brilliant book. Here come some lovely ones... https://t.co/H1xTZj58Ec (Source)

Mark Pellegrino @TeresaRJ3 He was a bundle of contradictions... read: When Nietzsche Wept. Great book. (Source)

Alexandra Stroe One of my favorite non-business books is When Nietzsche Wept by Irvin D. Yalom. His books combine psychotherapy, philosophy and science fiction and they address issues like death, growing old, love and the meaning of life in a very honest way. Many of his books give you an insight into the conversations between the psychotherapist and his patients and the interaction between them is always human and sincere. The therapist makes mistakes, sometimes says the wrong thing and this makes the story exciting and extremely real. (Source)

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