The Feeling of What Happens

Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness

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The publication of this book is an event in the making. All over the world scientists, psychologists, and philosophers are waiting to read Antonio Damasio's new theory of the nature of consciousness and the construction of the self. A renowned and revered scientist and clinician, Damasio has spent decades following amnesiacs down hospital corridors, waiting for comatose patients to awaken, and devising ingenious research using PET scans to piece together the great puzzle of consciousness. In his bestselling Descartes' Error, Damasio revealed the critical importance of emotion in the making of... more

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Carol Gilligan Damasio distinguishes between a core sense of self, grounded in the body and in emotions, and the autobiographical self. (Source)

Suzana Herculano-Houzel This book was really ground breaking and a real turning point for neuroscience. (Source)

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