The Constitution of Liberty

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"One of the great political works of our time, . . . the twentieth-century successor to John Stuart Mill's essay, 'On Liberty.'"—Henry Hazlitt, Newsweek

"A reflective, often biting, commentary on the nature of our society and its dominant thought by one who is passionately opposed to the coercion of human beings by the arbitrary will of others, who puts liberty above welfare and is sanguine that greater welfare will thereby ensue."—Sidney Hook, New York Times Book Review

In this classic work Hayek restates the ideals of freedom that he believes have guided,...

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali The meaning of freedom, Hayek says, is negative. It’s not about what government or others should do, it is about freedom from coercion. (Source)

Brink Lindsey Hayek’s case for a free society is one that resonates very well with the conservative imagination and easily lapses into a conservative sensibility. (Source)

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