Succeeding with Agile

Software Development Using Scrum

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Proven, 100% Practical Guidance for Making Scrum and Agile Work in Any Organization.

This is the definitive, realistic, actionable guide to starting fast with Scrum and agile–and then succeeding over the long haul. Leading agile consultant and practitioner Mike Cohn presents detailed recommendations, powerful tips, and real-world case studies drawn from his unparalleled experience helping hundreds of software organizations make Scrum and agile work.

"Succeeding with Agile" is for pragmatic software professionals who want real answers to the most difficult challenges...

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Nicolae Andronic I’m a technical guy. I studied the IT field and did software development for a long time until I discovered the business world. So the path for me is to slowly adapt from the clear, technical world, to the fuzzy, way more complex, business world. All the books that I recommend help this transition. “Succeeding with Agile” - Mike Cohn: for approaching the process involved into building a product in an organized manner. (Source)

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