Snow Crash

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In the near future, Americans excel at only two things: writing software and delivering pizza in less than 30 minutes.

Franchises line the Los Angeles freeway as far as the eye can see: Reverend Wayne's Pearly Gates, Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong, Uncle Enzo's CosaNostra Pizza, Incorporated. The only relief from the sea of logos is within the well-guarded borders of the autonomous city-states that law-abiding citizens are afraid to leave. Is it any wonder that most sane folks have chosen to live in a computer-generated universe? Here in virtual reality is a domain of pleasures...

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Sergey Brin Co-Founder/GoogleBrin said he is a big sci-fi fan, and Stephenson's acclaimed 1992 novel "Snow Crash" is one of his favorites. The book "was really 10 years ahead of its time," Brin said. "It kind of anticipated what's going to happen, and I find that really interesting." (Source)

Reid Hoffman CEO/LinkedInRecommends this book

Larry Page Co-Founder/GoogleRecommends this book

Ev Williams Co-Founder/Twitter, CEO/MediumRecommends this book

Adam Savage It's a tough call because I prefer other books of [this author]. But [this book] is so important within the history of science fiction. (Source)

Marvin Liao Partner/500 StartupsMy list would be (besides the ones I mentioned in answer to the previous question) both business & Fiction/Sci-Fi and ones I personally found helpful to myself. The business books explain just exactly how business, work & investing are in reality & how to think properly & differentiate yourself. On the non-business side, a mix of History & classic fiction to understand people, philosophy to make sense of life and Science fiction to picture what the future could be like (not always utopian). (Source)

Brianna Wu What is you favorite book of all time and why? Mine is Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson. It’s the deep characterization and sardonic portrayal of the United States that makes every page a joy to read. (Source)

Brandon Stanton I love [this book]. (Source)

Bradley Voytek In this book there’s a computer virus that can also jump into being a biological virus but only for people who are hackers, who natively speak binary computer code. (Source)

Aleks Krotoski The author creates an extraordinary vision of an all-encompassing virtual environment in which we will interact though avatars. (Source)

Bret Victor Recommends this book

Ryan Shea [Ryan Shea said this is one of his most-recommended books.] (Source)

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