Snakes in Suits

When Psychopaths Go to Work

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Ranked #29 in Forensic Psychology, Ranked #58 in Business Ethics

When Psychopaths Go to Work

Let's say you're about to hire somebody for a position in your company. Your corporation wants someone who's fearless, charismatic, and full of new ideas. Candidate X is charming, smart, and has all the right answers to your questions. Problem solved, right? Maybe not.

We'd like to think that if we met someone who was completely without conscience–someone who was capable of doing anything at all if it served his or her purposes–we would recognize it. In popular culture, the image of the psychopath is of someone like Hannibal Lecter or the BTK...


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David Ruddock If this topic interests you (I find it VERY interesting, and terrifying), I highly recommend this book: Snakes in Suits. It's a description and "guide" to psychopathy in the workplace. This is very much A Thing. (Source)

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