Holy Bible: KJV Standard Size Thumb Index Edition

Burgundy (King James Bible)

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My Creative Bible is an exciting new concept in ways to experience the word of God in Scripture. This King James Version Journaling Bible is single-column printed, with two-inch-wide ruled margins for note-taking, scribing your reflections or creative expression. Nearly 400 hand-drawn, Scripture accompanying line-art illustrations are placed throughout the Bible to enhance embracement of The Word. There is an index of the Scripture artwork - line-art suitable for filling. Users will find this an invaluable visual tool for immersion and Bible study.

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Walter Isaacson AuthorEverybody, of course, should be familiar with [this book], which is a way of being taught through both parables and tales of people and their values. (Source)

Caterina Fake Recommends this book

Wim Hof [Wim Hof said this is one of his most-recommended books.] (Source)

A.J. Jacobs One thing that really has stuck with me is that [this book] talks about that you should be grateful all the time. (Source)

Ricardo Semler A very interesting book to keep going back to to get a glimpse of humanity. (Source)

Governor Matt Bevin 👇 STUDENTS 👇 #BringYourBible to School Day is THIS Thursday, Oct. 3! The Judeo-Christian principles that are bound in this book are timeless, containing an amazing amount of history, knowledge, wisdom and guidance... Bring it. Read it. Share it. #WeAreKY https://t.co/w2R1hEMm6V (Source)

David Biro What Job says so eloquently is that you can’t have pain without asking why, why is this happening to me. That is the question that Job keeps asking himself when he is afflicted with one horrible disease after another. (Source)

Brett Wigdortz I wanted to throw this in because I think a lot of leadership books believe the problems that leaders are dealing with are all new, and have never been dealt with before. But in an example that almost seems trite, because it is such a part of our cultural knowledge, if you read the book of Exodus from the point of view of leadership theory there were the same leadership lessons 3,000 years ago that people talk about today. For example, the leadership style of Moses in this book broadly has the combination of humility and will discussed by Jim Collins. He needed a great deal of convincing that... (Source)

Kevin Kelly Probably the most amazing thing you haven’t read yet. (Source)

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