Good Economics for Hard Times

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Two prize-winning economists show how economics, when done right, can help us solve the thorniest social and political problems of our day

The experience of the last decade has not been kind to the image of economists: asleep at the wheel (perhaps with the foot on the gas pedal) in the run-up to the great recession, squabbling about how to get out of it, tone-deaf in discussions of the plight of Greece or the Euro area; they seem to have lost the ability to provide reliable guidance on the great problems of the day.

In this ambitious, provocative book Abhijit V....

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Chiki Sarkar Just in and Looking good - the new book by the best selling and super brilliant authors of poor economics. ⁦@juggernautbooks⁩ (Source)

John Quiggin It very much reflects the positive direction of economics over the past decade or two. It’s focused on data and randomized control tests. It’s about developing policy improvements that will make life better for people and working out which kinds of policy interventions actually work and which don’t—without an excessively dogmatic starting point. So the general spirit is to say, ‘Let’s look at interventions by making sophisticated use of data,’ rather than rely either on theory or on the fairly sloppy testing that was done in the past. This approach has produced some striking results. (Source)

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