Blue Ocean Strategy

How To Create Uncontested Market Space And Make The Competition Irrelevant

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Winning by not competing! This international best seller upends traditional thinking with principles and tools to make the competition irrelevant.
In an audiobook that challenges everything you thought you knew, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne assert that tomorrow's leading companies will succeed, not by battling their rivals for market share in the bloody "red ocean" of a shrinking profit pool, but by creating "blue oceans" of untapped new market spaces ripe for growth.

Based on a study of 150 strategic moves, spanning more than 100 years and 30 industries, they provide a...

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Reviews and Recommendations

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Daymond John Founder/FUBUThere are the normal ones that everybody loves. There would be "Rich Dad Poor Dad," "Who Moved My Cheese?;" I love all the Dale Carnegie books; "The One Minute Manager." I love newer ones like "Blue Ocean Strategy" and all the "Freaknomics" books. (Source)

Steve Blank Recommends this book

Ryan Holiday AuthorI don’t remember who originally told me to read Blue Ocean Strategy but I’m glad they did because this simple recommendation would substantially shape the course of my life and my career. (Source)

Danielle Morrill Co-founder/MattermarkRecommends this book

Darvin Kurniawan "Blue Ocean Strategy" by W. Chan Kim‎ and Renée Mauborgne is another book that helps me understand about creating new market, which is inline with what a startup need (from the traditional fighting for market share, to the Blue Ocean way of creating a new market). (Source)

Darren Chua When asked what books he'd recommend to young people interested in the same career path, mentioned Blue Ocean Strategy. (Source)

Jeremy Boudinet Blue Ocean Strategy is a fascinating look at how innovative companies create new markets and demand for products that previously did not exist. It's a landmark book with some fascinating case studies (ex. Cirque de Soleil creating a new product - the high-end circus). (Source)

Bogdan Iordache There are quite a few good business books on technology, and I'll list below some I find to be a good starting point. Personally, I like biographies a lot and I mostly read biographies of dead people, because those are the most honest ones. So because the computer age is still very young, there won't be a lot of biographies in my list. (Source)

Irina Botnari Businesswise, Blue Ocean Strategy systematized in one place all the concepts I was pondering about. The main lesson: make it count. Create value innovation which will make your competition irrelevant. As simple as that. (Source)

Ayush Kumar One doesn't necessarily need to take from others to fill their glass & you can always build a successful business in any industry. (Source)

Santiago Basulto It’s hard to pick a favorite business book, they all have a lot of insight spread among different publications. But if I’d need to choose one, it’d be The Blue Ocean Strategy. It completely changed my way of seeing business when I was just getting started. It’s filled with amazing stories and insights. (Source)

Louis Grenier If you want to think about strategy, the proper strategy, how to understand what to do, what not to do, read: “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy”, “Good to Great” and “Blue Ocean Strategy”. (Source)

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