Field Notes from a Catastrophe

Man, Nature, and Climate Change

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Elizabeth Kolbert's environmental classic Field Notes from a Catastrophe first developed out of a groundbreaking, National Magazine Award-winning three-part series in The New Yorker. She expanded it into a still-concise yet richly researched and damning book about climate change: a primer on the greatest challenge facing the world today.

But in the years since, the story has continued to develop; the situation has become more dire, even as our understanding grows. Now, Kolbert returns to the defining book of her career. She'll add a chapter bringing things up-to-date...

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Gaia Vince Field Notes was refreshing, a trailblazer. Kolbert actually went to communities affected, on the frontline of climate change. (Source)

Kate Marvel Kolbert gives glimpses into what climate change actually means. She shows the interconnectedness of climate and ecosystems and society. (Source)

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