The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos

Ranked #3 in Chaos Theory, Ranked #94 in Philosophy Of Science

Why did the stock market crash more than 500 points on a single Monday in 1987? Why do ancient species often remain stable in the fossil record for millions of years and then suddenly disappear? In a world where nice guys often finish last, why do humans value trust and cooperation? At first glance these questions don't appear to have anything in common, but in fact every one of these statements refers to a complex system. The science of complexity studies how single elements, such as a species or a stock, spontaneously organize into complicated structures like ecosystems and economies; stars... more

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Bill Gurley This is such a great point. This is the essence of Complexity Theory. With complex systems (multi-variable, nonlinear), you have no idea if the variable you are using for analysis will hold over the long term. Read this book, it changes everything - (Source)

Ryan Petersen @trengriffin @mjmauboussin @bgurley Which one is better? I love Waldrop, never found a better complexity book (besides Big History, great courses) (Source)

Pedro G Ferreira Ideas of complexity have not been applied to cosmology as much as I think they should be. (Source)

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