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Stanley's Stick

Full of masterful puns and the childhood magic that creates a winning toy from a simple stick, this picture book is filled with marvelous flights of fancy Stanley's stick is not just a stick. With a stick in hand, Stanley's options are endless—he flies to the moon, writes in the sand, goes fishing, plays a whistle, and rides a dinosaur—and his imagination takes over and the magic begins. Stanley shows that seeing truly depends on the ability to believe in the possibilities. This book celebrates the power of ingenuity that allows children to use the most mundane of objects to create... more
Recommended by Neal Layton, and 1 others.

Neal LaytonA little boy called Stanley finds this stick that was once part of something tall and grand. Stanley and his stick have loads of adventures together. (Source)

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The Magic Faraway Tree

Joe, Beth and Frannie take their cousin Rick on an adventure he'll never forget. Find out how they escape from the Land of Dreams, what goes wrong in the Land of Topsy-Turvy, and who drives a runaway train in the Land of Do-As-You-Please. less

Neal LaytonThree children move to the countryside where they discover this tree—in a magic forest. (Source)

Basil Jones and Adrian KohlerIt’s the idea that one could climb up a tree and go into another land, a fantasy. Well into our time as puppeteers, going from city to city, I [Basil] realised that I was living the life of these books that had been so important to me as a child. I realised that we would stay in one place for three days and then move onto another place, and in each place we would create a world. The Magic Faraway... (Source)

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The Lorax

"UNLESS someone like you...cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better...It's not." Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty. His classic cautionary tale is now available in an irresistible mini-edition, perfect for backpack or briefcase, for Arbor Day, Earth Day, and every day. less

Neal LaytonIt is a very funny story, written in rhyme, with wonderful, crazy Seuss illustrations – and a big environmental message for young readers. (Source)

Gary BuryTruthfully, I have 3 young kids so don’t get much time to read other than to my kids at bedtime. So you’ll understand when I say my favourite books are Children's books by Dr Seuss, they’re a joy to read and cover a range of social and political issues with an elegance and simplicity that exceeds many adult books. The anti materialism/ consumerism ‘Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ and ‘The Lorax’... (Source)

Georgina StevensThe best verse in town, wonderful illustrations and an honest look at what we are doing to our world – with a message that each and every one of us can make the decision to change at any moment. (Source)

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The Giving Tree

"Once there was a tree...and she loved a little boy."

So begins a story of unforgettable perception, beautifully written and illustrated by the gifted and versatile Shel Silverstein.

Every day the boy would come to the tree to eat her apples, swing from her branches, or slide down her trunk...and the tree was happy. But as the boy grew older he began to want more from the tree, and the tree gave and gave and gave.

This is a tender story, touched with sadness, aglow with consolation. Shel Silverstein has created a moving parable for readers of all ages that...

Neal LaytonIt’s a book full of questions, about a boy and a tree, but whether there are any answers there or not is another thing. (Source)

Todd GordonI got to spend lunch with this wonderful group of 5 yr olds reading The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein. Great book and good lesson about the value of friendship! (note, I have permission to post this). (Source)

Kaci Lambe KaiI cry every time I read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. That story breaks my heart. I recently read it to my nephew (then five at the time) and I cried the whole time. (Source)

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